Let's Talk about Christmas presents...

Christmas holds many surprises. Presents are the main surprises that we all look forward to receiving. Or do we? Some presents are wanted and cherished. No doubt about that. Today I am going to talk about the giver and the receiver who don't appreciate what they get and why.

As a person who loves to create I have fallen prey to the folly of trying to show someone how much I care about them, by making something especially for them. Looking back at the responses I received and the gifts I received as well, I need to say that this was a recipe for disaster. 

Expectations can kill the joy of gift giving and receiving. It happens. You really cannot prevent this from happening. Gifts get unwrapped. Comparisons. She got. I only got. I spent more money on them. I just got a voucher. I hope I can return this present. I will never ever wear that. They just don't get me. I got the same gift last year. How will I pay for these Christmas gifts? I went overboard and I don't feel appreciated. Why didn't they just give me money?


Ahh Christmas. Such a fun time unwrapping gifts!!! No matter what it looks like on the outside, the above happens more than the hoped for responses.....I love it. How did you know? You are so thoughtful. What a marvelous present. 

Trying to get the perfect gift for someone is just ridiculous. Even when we buy something for ourselves...we change our own minds about whether or not we love our purchases.

Some time ago in a workplace I was given the task of buying a surprise gift for all the employees' children. After listening to gift disappointment stories from the previous years, I came up with a solution! All the employees were given an amount of money that they could use to purchase a suitable gift for their own child. What an uproar. How strange that a solution would have been so difficult to embrace. To add insult to their injury, I suggested that they wrap up the presents they  purchased and bring them to the Christmas party themselves to give to Santa for gift giving time. It was hilarious. They also got to keep the receipt themselves so that if there was any issues they could fix it themselves. This was such a time saver. All grumbling could then be directed at themselves. Simple and logical. 

So who's driving your bus? Who are you trying to impress? It's a game. Keep your gift giving simple. Don't overspend. Don't put everything you have at the feet of someone who may not be in tune with you. They just may not understand what you have given them.

Christmas is about people. Let's not have a sour taste in our mouths after Christmas. Be kind. Laugh. Try and help each other where you can. Remember the fun you have had together. Don't bring up controversial subjects. Invite someone to your table who needs somewhere to go. Make the gifts a low cost priority and don't get caught up in the shopping rush. 

Have yourself a Merry Christmas ...it's possible.

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