Hey Fashion ... Don't tell me what to wear. Your memade wardrobe gives you control

I love New Seasons (we have just started Winter in Melbourne) and New Fashions (old styles made new more times than not)!


I live for looking and choosing the bits I love and making it mine. I don't like to be dictated to and I really don't like wearing the "in thing" and feeling like a misfit. A slave to fashion nah can't do that. 



Using my pattern block or one of my tried and true TNT patterns is the base I start with. Adding a sleeve variation is simple. I use the new sleeve pattern piece I love and put it over my existing sleeve block. A bit of shuffling to line up the two Pattern pieces and then cut out the new sleeve pieces. If I want to be really efficient I cut out the new sleeve in Pattern paper and write the details and date. I would like to say this happens every time but in reality it doesn't. Morphing new shapes over my Pattern blocks isn't always successful but it's fun to try.


 Collars are another piece I like to play with. I have a very large collection of Patterns. That's what happens when you start collecting when you are 12! Not all patterns are worth keeping though. I have culled over the years and cherish my 1980's & 1990's Patterns the most. How wonderful to find your heart still skips a beat when you look through them. I can still see the Fabric and the places I worn these memade patterns to. Who needs photographs when you have the blueprint to your life experiences. Um actually I wish I had photos of every outfit though. 


I have been looking at the cold shoulder trend this last year. I'm not fully convinced this style will work for me. I have found a compromise that I will make soon for the warmer weather. I need straps for security reasons. I saw the most horrifying sight of a strapless dress when I was a teenager. A young blonde girl was traveling on the same bus as me, wearing a strapless dress with an shirred bodice. Seemed like a fabulous idea until she stood up but he dress stayed sitting down. Land Sakes!!! Horrifying. Her face was scarlet but her upper torso wasn't. I've never forgotten the perils of this fashion piece. Another fear would be someone pulling down the dress for a joke. 


I'm sure you all have your own stories to tell too. Do tell me your funny story!

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