You can judge a book by it's Cover!

When I select a book to read I look at the cover. I am swayed by a picture and an interesting title. I purchase Recipe Books because the food looks appealing. I am a visual person who is influenced greatly by what I see. Guilty as charged!


Not all of us are convinced to purchase just by what they see. Some people are convinced to purchase by a good Introduction or a personal referral. Today I am talking about the visual aspect.


I just need 5 seconds to work out what I want. If it takes longer I can easily walk away. That's just how I am. 

I believe we all can be guilty of prejudging someone based on their appearance. I don't believe it means we are shallow. We meet someone and we assess who they are based on what they are wearing. The clothes are what we see. We don't know the story. We only see the cover of the book. 


I went to an event this week where people shared with a large audience what they had overcome in their lives. I was crying because some stories were so heartbreaking. There was no way I could have known their story from what they were wearing. 

What we choose to wear has an impact on the people we meet. How can people hear your story and get to know you, if the cover of your book doesn't lead to someone wanting to open the book and read it, and therefore know your story? Is your outside packaging delivering the correct message you want to convey and giving people the opportunity to know the real you.


If you wear conservative, classic clothes but in reality are a punk rocker, you are not wearing the clothes that represent who you really are.

Who are you? What is your Style? What is it that you want people to recognise in you••••• in the first 5 seconds? Consider that. Take time to dress for the outcome you want to achieve. If you want to be noticed and are comfortable being looked at, then dress for that result. If you want to blend into the background then dress appropriately. If you want a promotion or a pay rise then dress better. Clean your shoes. Wear clothes that fit you. 


Dressing for success in all you do requires you to assess what you are doing now.

Are you happy with the way your life is at the moment?

Do there need to be any changes?

Do you want to make changes?

What are those changes?

What simple changes can you make to give you the best possible results, so you can feel like you're getting somewhere?Celebrating success helps us feel good- any success is worth celebrating.


If you need help working out who you are and want help moving forward, I can help you.  

I can help you decifer what is really important to you and help you dress for success.

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Are you ready to put your hand up now for a better life or barely brave enough for just taking one small step?

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