Dressing for The Future You in 2016!

Are you dressing for "The Future You" or are you stuck in a time warp?

We have all been there.. Grabbing the same clothes every day. We aren't wearing a uniform but we may as well be! 

Are you ready for your own "Before and After story..."?

We all have to work or do things we don't like..That's life.

Does the Before You:

  • wear the same black pants, white shirt
  • blue jeans with a white t shirt
  • little black dress
  • gym clothes, even on the days that you don't go to the gym for a workout!?


We have all been there. We all have our favorite go-to clothes. We don't want to think. We're tired. It doesn't really matter what we wear. Wednesday is hump day, every week. We are eating more than we need. We are surviving. Truthfully work can be tedious and just plain old hum drum. The same old people gossiping, being mean and being everything except a team player. Unfortunately, it's not against the law to be horrible to work with. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

The story doesn't end here. 

Kids grow up, situations do change. What you need is an emergency transfusion of variety, quickly, before the essence of you disappears!

The "After You" could:

Check out your wardrobe the night before and really put some idle clothes to work. If you find some clothes don't fit and probably won't ever, then get them out of your wardrobe. Be creative! Have a clothes swap party with your friends. Shop in opportunity shops in different suburbs if you are short of cash. Make your own clothes. Start somewhere. 

How to get from the "Before you" to the "After you" takes courage and determination. Change hurts, but staying in your time warp hurts you more. You get predictable and life becomes a never ending treadmill with an incline that just doesn't let up. Try something new in January! I did! I went to a pump class (barbells, push ups, lunges etc) and even though I am walking like Frankenstein, I am glad I did something different  this month. I also cannot wait to walk normally again. I figure it could be another two days.

What the "After You" may experience:

Bouncing out of bed looking forward to wearing what you have discovered in your wardrobe. Giving your wardrobe a real work out. Finding out what clothes need to go, along the way, becoming organised. Not a bad side effect. Confidence. Spreading the joy. Smile it's infectious. Compliments-just say thank you full stop, respect, consideration. Having fun. Happy to take the high road. Helping and encouraging others. A better attitude spreads. You being the game changer at work. You never know, you may find the place where you are working now, may just be the dream job you have been looking for all along.

Have fun! Find something to laugh at. Smile and share your joy. You don't have to be a lunatic but you should make the best of the situation you are in now. You can still live! So live your life well.

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