ASG Seattle News Anne Whalley, the Fabric Whisperer, offered wonderful tips: what easy shapes to sew, how to really focus on what’s important in your wardrobe, and how you can look great even after meeting a friend for a walk and you wished to go shopping afterwards. Her suggestion is a stylish jacket with some “punch” to complete your look. My grandmother used to call this “your finishing piece” and said you should never leave home without it!

Verna 2019: Ann I enjoyed how you explained the emotional attachment and investment we put into our clothing. Sewing gives us the opportunity of expression. Your dress pattern has so many possibilities, from fabric to techniques Love it

Charlotte 2019:Thank you Anne for a fun and interesting class - wonderful

C.2019 Best Aussie Workshop ever! Loved Anne’s enthusiasm - fabulous! Great to get the magic tips and to watch the others with their questions and fabulous fabrics, A suggestion - perhaps have a short printed sheet with assembly tips? Overall a fun class and good use of my time - loved it Thanks so much

Cher 2019: Thank you Anne for a good workshop. amazed at your energy, words of wisdom & great Aussie Style. Will definitely be trying the fold over elastic again.

Alison 2019:Anne Thank you so much for your special attention today. Lots of ideas and inspiration were born today. I have never made many dresses, but I now have the desire and confidence to tackle more of them. Enjoy your time in the States and have a safe journey home.

Carol H 2019 Ann such an exciting day both to meet you and to learn a new, easy dress pattern. I am excited to experiment with pattern in the future and will think of you each time.

S.G. 2019:Hi Anne, I stumbled upon your you tube channel then logged into your blog and as a sewer (not a very good one admittedly) I was in heaven reading through your blog.I am getting back into sewing clothes after a very, very long time buying ready to wear. My problem now is that I am having a tough time finding clothes that I like and that suits my figure. Hence, dragging out my old patterns and following your refreshing blog.However, my question at this time is not sewing related and I do hope you will not mind me asking this, but would you please share as to what product you use in your hair to allow it to look separated as well as having the lift it does. I have a loosely similar hairstyle, and would love it to look remotely like yours without looking full of product and looking greasy with gel or so full of hairspray that nothing moves.I would appreciate your response Anne, and really enjoy your blog and you tube videos. Please keep them coming.With regards

Dear Ann, Your event at Pacific Fabrics was just the shot in my sewing I needed. Over the years I have become dulled down and tired of sewing clothes that fit thirty-some year olds. I want quirky, good time clothes and you showed us how.Virginia Feb 2017

Hi Anne!!!!! Loving this coat on you, I saw it on the rack at expo but of course now that it is on you....well you are gorgeous!!! I am forever greatful to have met you and Bruce :) <3 Genevieve Mar 2017

Super fun coat , brilliant use of fabric, I was in one of your classes at Sewing Expo when you shared it with us. Fun! Linda Mar 2017

Wow, this is a great marriage of fabric and style. This is a show stopper. N K April 2017

This is wonderful. I am so impressed. You took such a simple pattern and made it fantastic. Karen April 2017

I love this, great job. I like you left buttons off. You look stylish and pulled together, professional but not stuffy. This rust color is a good color for you. A.J. Mar 2017


D’Anne 2-5 March 2017 Greetings Anne, Am thinking you may be back in Melbourne now after your recent adventure to Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA.  I was one of the lucky recipients of one of your consultations. Afterwards, I ran off to attend a seminar (can’t remember the topic now) and did not adequately thank you. I have reflected on your observations and suggestions frequently since that day…and I’m so glad you made notes as you packed so much into the time we had!  As I’ve aged,  I often think “I am what I am”.   You reminded me, in such a nonjudgmental way, that I need not change me as much being sure I present the real me.  Does my dress interfere with me being my authentic self either because I’m not comfortable in my appearance or others are blinded to me because they can’t see beyond my dress. One of the first things I’ve done is add a blue scarf to soften my black and white palate! I know I am not alone in expressing my appreciation of your many talents and skills that you generously shared during your time here.  We also so enjoyed the energy you and your husband brought to Sewing Expo and look forward to your return next year! Again, many thanks for the gifts you gave me in our brief time together,

Hi Anne,I want to thank you for your advice on Friday. I found it very helpful and there is a lot for me to consider. Fortunately a number of pieces in my fabric stash fit the colour palette you prescribed. I also liked your advice about making a bit of a collection before unleashing my new self on the world - doable.

 V.T.Love how you take a lovely fabric and an easy pattern and make a fabulous garment!

S.T. Oh my gosh, SO FANTASTIC!!! 

This is the first review of this interesting bias cut pattern for wovens, and you have given it a striking debut!

E.L. Very nice. Very unusual. Even though it's woven fabric, it slides prettily over the body. 

Y.M. I just love your use of color. Nice outfit! 

Ros May 2016 Hi Anne Sorry about the delay with this feedback.  I attended the Winter Wardrobe Secrets on Sunday 15 May. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and loved seeing the clothes you’d made along with hearing all your tips. I was particularly interested in the fabric dyeing you’d done.  As so many fabrics are black and white these days and neither are in my colour palette, I can see myself using dye in the future.The Fold Over Elastic is another tip I want to try. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to buy fabric from the wholesaler in Oakley.  I’m still trying to decide which patterns to use for each piece.  To that end I’ve joined Pattern Review, another of your suggestions, and I think this will be a great resource.
You’re so passionate and enthusiastic about sewing Anne… it’s quite infectious! Thanks again for a great session. Cheers


Anne took the initial information that I provided and came back with insightful and helpful ideas about my style recipe (which I've struggled to define) and a range of sewing pattern choices that are inspiring. Our conversation showed Anne's talents in careful listening and responding to my situation. This was a true dialogue focused on my situation. I came away from our initial conversation inspired to forge ahead with developing a new style, which I have wanted to do, but until I didn't know how. Anne encouraged me by acknowledging where I am (my style strengths) and building on that foundation. Her suggestions for incorporating new items is attainable and exciting. I'm transitioning through a medical situation that will leave me with a different body and will require a huge change in my clothing. One of the most touching things Anne said is that we should start now because, "We are dressing the essence of who you are, and that won't change." Her support is immeasurably helpful. An addition to all that gushy stuff, Anne is saving me time and money by helping me to focus my style experiments and make choices to show the world who I am.All the best - Brenda Marks, Ed. D. Feb 2017


I met the lovely Anne via Instagram.   Discovering her videos photos and blog was like a breath of fresh air.   I had always wanted to get colour advice but was always conscious of having the right person.  Being someone who also sewed and shared a love of colour/texture I instantly new Anne was the right person for me.     When we met she was incredibly friendly /honest and very welcoming.   I felt like we could have chattered for hours.  The colour consult was just what I needed to give me the inspiration and confidence to explore and look at colour in a whole new way.   I actually feel like I've had a total makeover!!! Stephanie Dec 2016


Hi Anne, I want to thank you for your advice on Friday. I found it very helpful and there is a lot for me to consider. Fortunately a number of pieces in my fabric stash fit the colour palette you prescribed. I also liked your advice about making a bit of a collection before unleashing my new self on the world - doable.  J Oct 15


Most Projects in Pattern Review for 2016 AnneWhalley added the most sewing projects (75!) this year.

Carla Love you and your style!! You make me smile and inspire me! 

Lin H Wow! This is great. Like the others have said I wouldn't ever have thought it could turn out so well from looking at the pattern envelope itself. Great work.

Sunny My thought on seeing the front was, "wow, this looks complicated." I'm glad to hear you say it's not. It's such a nice-looking dress. 

Cody Very flattering dress on you. I would never have envisioned this look by the photo on the pattern envelope. I love how you take any pattern and make it your own. You have a wonderful flare both in style and colour palette. I enjoy your reviews very much. 


Maria Sunday's session was quite jam packed. Thanks for including this session on such a busy visit for you both.You've given me a lot of style ideas to consider. It's taken me two sleeps to recover. Thanks so much

School of Fashion & Textiles RMIT University It was so lovely to meet you and Bruce today - what an awesome team you are! I hope you enjoyed it as much as the audience. 

So many positive comments after it was all over :  

...."Loved the enthusiasm and the 'real' attitude", 

"So entertaining", 

"what a good way to finish the series," 

" some real gems (of wisdom),"

" such a positive outlook,"

"wonderful to see such passion" ....

As you can tell the audience could really relate to your anecdotes, so the biggest kudos to you and thank you so much for your time and insights.

Again, we truly appreciate your input today.

Warm regards,
Cathy Chen Fashion Teacher
Associate Degree in Fashion Design & Technology
School of Fashion & Textiles
RMIT University Dec 2016

Janet Thank you so much for the session; it’s really got me back on track.  Finished garments to come out of the sewing room next week!!

L. Selvendra: I first saw Anne a while back when she gave a talk at the Tessuti material shop in Melbourne. I was fascinated by her looks and her dressing. I wished I could dress like her but never had the courage.One day, after seeing her blog I decided to consult her. She arranged to meet me, but before that she got me to do some homework.When Anne arrived she had on a fabulous cape and as usual was beautifully dressed. From the start Anne put me at my ease and went through colours and style with great patience and understanding. I had had some other consultant from another company come over before that and I felt very let down as that person was quite unfriendly. With Anne I never felt uncomfortable and was able to be honest with her about my style problems. Anne gave me the confidence I haven’t had for a very long time and I am able to choose clothes more wisely now. I would highly recommend Anne Whally.

G.K.11/10/16 You really have the knack for choosing (pattern, fabric) what suits you just wonderful. That's a great skill. Like others I've also got this pattern, and might just make it now :-) thanks for showing one more inspiring creation.

C.J. Very visual, humorous, such a fun event. Love the base dress & over-shirts & accessories

A: Very educational & well presented.

B.T. Biggest takeaway from the presentation was the importance of length of sleeves and I need to buy a full length mirror.

Wow! You take patterns that couldn't look frumpier on the envelope photo and turn them into something beautiful! You have such flair! M.N.B.

You make such interesting choices, such a bold out-of-the-box thinker. B.V.

Love the creative use of the pattern, fabric and fold over elastic. More thank yous for the video tutorial! T.T.

Once I got going after our last meeting, I haven't stopped sewing! That whiteboard has been wonderful - inspirational - and yes it did change my plans from time to time.  J.

I love how you choose fabrics S.R.

Stunning! I am running out to buy this pattern!!! Fabuloso!! S.Z.

Great Style interpretation! You make me want to run out and buy the pattern! S.L.

I actually like your version more than the one shown on the pattern envelope. I'm not surprised about the great comments you get when you wear that dress, it's unique and looks great on you! M.V.

Interesting look with just one fabric. Your versions are inspiring as I have this pattern and have let it sit. I think I will have to give it a try. D.G.

You seem to have a talent for putting different fabrics together so the whole outfit looks great! B.B.

I can't believe your jacket came from this pattern! Love love love your interpretation of this pattern and especially your use of the fold over elastic. I have skimmed over this pattern before, but I'll give it a try now. Thanks for the inspiration. GiGI.

You are a fearless sewer! Not enough fabric, just make the other sleeve different. Love it!! Billie Jean.

Seems like every pattern you make is something I want to make too! I love the fabric you choose and how you emphasize the diagonal seam lines.A.
My package of fabrics that you helped me to choose arrived today. I adore every piece we bought. Opening the parcel and feeling each piece in turn reminded me of the very lovely time I spent with you and how much I appreciated your advice. On meeting me, you listened and very quickly understood what I wanted to change about my style and achieve with my wardrobe. I have now done heaps of thinking about the direction in which I want to head and how I will get there. Your skill was to make very manageable what seemed to me too overwhelming to even begin. My relatively short time with you gave me a huge boost and different way of thinking about my sewing. I can't thank you enough. Pam S.

I love the way you take patterns that don't call for a second look and just wow them up with your fabric choices and creativity. So inspiring. Can't wait to see what's next. W.

Anne is such a talented woman! She helped me find fabrics and patterns to have tailored during a trip to Thailand. Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious, and her knowledge of colour and body shapes is invaluable.  Ann V.

Anne - great ideas personality! Very informative Great designs and fabrics. Julie M.

I must get my sewing machine out and use it. Sandra

Gorgeous fabrics! The vivaciousness of the speaker. Honesty was refreshing Workshop participant.

It was a fun way of learning! Workshop participant.

I am over-whelmed by your ability to choose flattering garments. R.

Thank you so much for your video. I enjoy how you make everything seem so "doable". Love your smiling face. N

The dressing up was fun & the whole session was FUN. Maureen

I was not aware that fold over elastic came in colors. Excellent information and demonstration. H.

Found you through Patternreview and love your stylin’ and outfits and sewing. I am far away in Seattle, Washington in the US. Just a hope for the next Youtube since I enjoyed the first one so much. It is a great way to reach people, and I am, probably like a lot of people, obsessed with packing well and light. So that it doesn’t get in the way of my travels but enhances them.But I am a little textile and outfit hyper-sensitive! LOL LOL. Funny true story I just thought of: when I was younger and working as a night hotel clerk, I was robbed at gunpoint. When the police asked later for what he was wearing, I was able to describe it exactly, but when they asked about the gun, my first response was “metal”. LOL LOL. They must have thought I was an idiot…) So at the same time, it matters to me what I bring and wear, and it can make me have a better time if I feel good.Enough rambling, but you are doing a GREAT job, and I hope you make more videos!!! LOTS more!  KittyG

I liked how Anne presented tips and styles that suit a particular body shape. Nellie E.

I love Anne's honesty and in her presentation I liked how she changed clothing items and talking about good & bad points.  I ended up with an extra 18 tips on top of Anne's Top Ten.  Leonie G.

 I had my wardrobe makeover with Anne recently!!! I am still excited since.First step was to work out my colours. Not just single colours but colour combinations. Anne goes through dozens of colour swatches to find the right one for you. It's actually amazing how big my colour pallet is.I know that many women wear a few colour throughout their life. They are scared to be adventures and they don't know what colour would  suit them the most.How many women wear wrong colours also? The colours that don't make them any favor, the colour that actually make them look older and sometimes even sick.Well, I know my colours now and it makes shopping so much easier!!!! I don't need to beg my girlfriends to help me to pick an outfit or a right fabric. What's the point anyway? All of them have different taste. Now I can do it on my own. Furthermore, all girlfriends now ask for my help. Second part of the makeover was working with my body type and finding out ways to enhance my assets and camouflage my less fortunate areas. And I know there is a lot of TV programs that teach to do that but we are all different. As long as you have a stylist working with your body you can not be sure it will work for you. You need to experience your own makeover to understand the difference. It is mind blowing!! I learned so many tips and tricks to look fabulous. And I am a strong believer that you get only one chance to make a first impression!!!! It can really make or break in many life situations. I do not want to miss even one opportunity in life because I was not dress right way or I did not look my absolute best. Last part was the hardest one:)! Anne and I had to go through my existing wardrobe analyzing every piece and making a decision to keep or to get rid if some stuff. Well, by the end of the session I had more room for new cloths. That is always a good thing right?Oh, I had so much fun!!! Anne is not only very knowledgeable and experienced stylist she is also an amazing person. I did not feel uncomfortable even ones. Instead I learned to look at my body without negativity but analyzing and seeing the positive things. That was as much entertaining as learning experience!!!Thank you Anne!!! I hope to see you again!!!! Alfia G

Just spent a pleasant two and half hours with Anne we started off by filling out a small  questionnaires and from that we went into what colour pallet is suited for my skin, hair, eyes, after that we had a makeup session,  had eyeliner applied which I had never done before and was pleasantly surprised how good it looked.  I would say it is a worthwhile couple of hours well spent and the information she gave I will definitely put in use from now on.   Rosemaree S.

The journey Anne took me on with great respect and sensitivity gave me confidence and a new assurance in my ability to choose colours and make decisions on styling. Thanks Linda P.

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