Why does fatigue happen just when I have time to sew?

It's like when you finally get holidays you get sick.


All through our day we push to get out list done because we have deadlines. When there is no deadline we allow ourselves to feel how we feel. This means tiredness and sickness take over all our creative thoughts and we feel exhausted. 

Do we push through or succumb to the nanna nap? Sometimes a nanna nap is a great idea. Sometimes not.


How I manage this sabotage on my sewing time:

  • I make sure I leave my WIP (work in progress) with an easy task to restart sewing again
  • I have all the notions I need for the project, before I start. 
  • I leave the pins in a simple seam to sew first for next time I sit at the sewing table
  • I don't leave tricky sewing issues for the next sewing session. I work on tricky sewing issues after I have been sewing for a bit. 
  • Starting easy means you probably won't succumb to the nanna nap! 
  • Know that there is an answer for every problem
  • If you can't find a solution, take it to Your Sewing Guild (if you're not in one join one)
  • If none of the above works for you maybe a charity shop. Let someone else work it out!
  • Making clothes that look great on you and that you enjoy wearing, will also help hasten the path back to your sewing machine 

We all really just want to put our time in and have a successful outcome. 

We want to enjoy success. 


Having success means looking forward to sewing. 

It's amazing how tiredness disappears when successful sewing is a real possibility.

Build your sewing confidence first.

Leave sewing tasks that are simple and easy to do.

Look through your Patterns and Fabric. Get inspired.

Sew your fabric and patterns up. See what works and what doesn't. 

Try these tips and tell me if they work for you.  


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