When you can't think...grab a dress!

Some days putting an outfit together is just too hard!  In case of emergency grab a dress.  This dress must be ready and able to fulfill the job requirements.  Washed, ironed, buttons and closures in tip top condition and hanging in your wardrobe ready for action.

In summer other maintenance factors need to be addressed on a regular basis for this solution to work well.  Legs prepared, moisturized, tanned (fake or not), toenails painted, trimmed and clean.  Heels- all dry skin removed and soft. Elbows, let's not forget them.  Lastly your arms a bit of moisturizer wouldn't go astray if needed. 

Winter. Tights- appropriate color so the overall look is vertical.  Colored tights can be fun but if you are on the short side and want to look taller, keeping the colors for your shoes, outfit and stockings similar add to the illusion of height. Knit dresses are so comfortable and easy to wear.  I have quite a few favorites and that I can grab and get out that door.  A coat the same length of the dress is a good look.  It is worthwhile working out in advance what will be some well put together ensembles and have them ready and waiting for those times that you sleep in or you just can't think straight..

Autumn & Spring.  Don't forget those dresses that are of a heavier weight can be great in these seasons.  A cardigan or lighter scarf can be added and bring you more options in these seasons.  

My favorite dress patterns are as follows.  If you are after Pattern numbers check out my Instagram @annewhalley

The Frocktails story!

Are you waiting to lose weight before you can begin your life?

Are you waiting to lose weight before you can begin your life?