Remnants ...delights and dilemmas

There is nothing more exciting than finding a remnant in a fabric shop remnant box!  The discovery leads to a review of patterns that you have and gets the grey matter working.  I must say having a certain amount of fabric reduces the choice factor.  The wonderful fabric I recently found was a beautiful white embroidered cotton voile. Not enough for a dress but enough for a top...or so I thought.  After finishing the top I found that the front of the top was rather lacking in embroidered motifs!  All was not lost.  I have a happy knack of holding onto all my leftover scraps from cutting and more times than not I do have a need for them.  I cut out as many motifs as I could and sewed them directly onto the front of the top where the empty spots were. I will be hand washing this top and the motifs were quite contained so finishing the edges wasn't necessary.  All in all a very comfortable top and a good use of the fabric.  Cost factor and wear-ability makes this top a winner.


Trustworthy patterns

Vogue 8962 I LOVE YOU

Vogue 8962 I LOVE YOU