How to stop buying fabric you don't love and sewing clothes you don't enjoy wearing

The Answer: Finding Your Style Ingredients.

If you aren't excited when you see the Fabric for the first time, you most likely will never be excited about that Fabric purchase...

Self drafted Dress

Self drafted Dress

It's like going out on a blind date... You either connect or you don't. If you connect it's easier to spend time with someone.... Time flies when you're having fun.

If you don't connect ... it's like watching grass grow. It's awkward and time is noticably slower.

Vogue 1552

Vogue 1552

When you're looking through your Fabric and are in the moment, notice how you feel when you are with your Fabric. It should be fun spending time with your Fabric... not a guilt trip. Finding a pattern to suit a fabric you don't love is difficult too.

Spending too much money on Fabric is unwise. The investment stymies creativity because you can't afford to stuff it up!

Find your own Style Ingredients and start from that point. Sewing and wearing your creations, that have your  Fingerprint, is truly a wonderful experience.

Vogue 8962

Vogue 8962

Love at first sight.

Connection to the Fabric



If you're interested in the Fabric you'll be eager to sew it up, but spend too much money on the Fabric and you may never have the guts to sew it up.

Too much pressure causes indecision.

No point just having the Fabric.

'He who dies with the most Fabric Wins"

Wins what? I think it's heartbreaking to think the Fabric missed out on being the fulfilment of a dream!

Vogue 1552

Vogue 1552

Don't rush into a fabric purchase. If you have "fabric purchase hesitation." Listen to your gut instinct and resist buying the fabric.

However ... Buy that Fabric if: 

  • It has your name written all over it

  • It's a good price

  • It may sell out

  • You just know you are destined for each other

Vogue 1576

Vogue 1576


Don't start a relationship with the wrong Fabric or the wrong man for that matter! 

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