"Beaches"..CC Bloom & Hillary a style journey

Recently I watched the movie "Beaches"with Bette Midler & Barbara Hershey again! Such a heartfelt movie about a 30 year friendship between two unlikely girls from different backgrounds. CC Bloom was a free-spirited and talented girl from the Bronx New York and Hillary Essex a girl from an influential and very rich family from San Francisco.  When the two girls met it was like "chalk and cheesy"

CC Bloom's outfit as a child said it all in the first five seconds-cheap. Green eye shadow, hot pink leotard, black fringe, sequins, curly unkempt hair and red lipstick. Hillary had a white designer dress with lace detail. The purple edging was tasteful and looked expensive. Her hair was tied back with a purple matching ribbon. These clothes really represented their personalities. Great job wardrobe department!

When the two girls go to the hotel restaurant, where Hillary is staying, for a chocolate milkshake it is clear how the girls are judged by the waiter.

CC's outfit was a distraction. Unfortunately she missed out on a lot of opportunities due to her outfits. She was talented, yet people could not recognize her talent because of her clothing. She almost missed out on John.

Hillary was all about refined, designer outfits and class, yet all she wanted to do was break free. Her outfit did not match her heart. She too, was just as much a prisoner of her outward appearance. She could not break free and left the love of her life, John, to please her rich father on his deathbed and marry a man for status.

In true Bette Midler style, the costumes for CC got a whole lot better and she became incredibly successful. Taste was oozing out of these outfits. They were not Classic like Hillary's though. They were about drama, style and sexy. This truly shows CC/Bette's personality! Hillary really didn't get to be her true self she did however keep the friendship with CC which gave her an outlet for feeling freedom through someone else.

These two girls were just girls under these clothes. Girls that formed a wonderful friendship that really did have some classic ups and downs. Watch the movie again and ask yourself would any friendship really be able to sustain these betrayals!

What message do you want to portray? Are you successfully revealing the real you now? Or the you, you want to become? What is your "as is" to "could be" story?

Write me your story. I would love to hear about it!

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