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Some of us live for the wonderful desserts Menu. Some are small eaters and can only manage an Entree. Some will order a main course and will be satisfied. Sewing is a bit like choosing your favourite foods in the menu.


I love texture in my food and savoury flavours. The more interesting the flavours the more I am satisfied. When I go out for breakfast with my Bruce, we choose our meal based on interesting flavours. We choose the same because we share! Last week we tried chilli scrambled eggs with corn, chipotles, chilli and balsamic vinegar. We were amazed at how good this was and didn't feel the need to eat until dinner.


When I Sew, I need texture & colour to keep my interest in the project too. When I want to wear my sewing creation the next day...It doesn't take me long to complete it. The more time I have, the longer I take.

Working out what makes you tick, aids your sewing journey and increases the likelihood that not only will you love making your garment, but you will love wearing it. You see we have a pancheaux for seeking what will satisfy us, continually. We are always on the quest. Knowing what doesn't work helps but this knowledge doesn't provide "Your Style Holy Grail!"


If you would like to partake on a journey to discover your unique style recipe join my Mentor Program!  Let me Mentor you and get you through the Style Maze to "Your Style Holy Grail." Imagine wearing clothes that speak for you, flatter you and allow you to get on with what you need to do in your day. No more feeling frumpy, invisible or uncomfortable! You don't need "what she's having"

"You can wear what works for you!"

Check out my Mentor Program http://www.annewhalley.com/mentor/

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