Fabric + Sewing Patterns = Wardrobe....Or does it?

A KillerKloset is possible!

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Quote by Albert Einstein

Are you willing to learn how to do things a little differently to move your wardrobe from Good towards Great?

Starting with base pieces that are perfect for you, means you can build a Wardrobe that works.


We all need different wardrobe ingredients to make our Wardrobe suit our lifestyles.

Work, casual, coffee shop, gym, events... 

What is stopping you from having a great wardrobe?


If your body is not like the mannequin in the store window, then you are sewing because nothing in the store fits. Just like me!

Choosing the best fabric and patterns for your shape and the occasion is crucial.

We all have the fabric and the patterns. Some of us have more than others. No pointing fingers and no judgement please.


You have the ingredients already, so you may as well use what you have, to produce the Wardrobe you have always wanted!

Imagine buying ingredients to make your meals and....not using them! You would be hungry, broke and the fridge would need cleaning.

Adding to your stash is fun and exciting, no doubt about that! However, if you are repeating these same steps (buying and stashing all the time) and not getting better results, then Houston we have a problem.

No point sewing and building up your stash if everthing you make isn't improving the quality of your wardrobe. Every morning choosing your clothes should be an exciting experience - putting on clothes that make you feel great and that look great on you.

Moving your wardrobe from good to great is what I am passionate about...no matter what your body shape.




In these photos I'm wearing my brown two-way stretch dress in cotton spandex. I made a five piece wardrobe all in the same colour. A pull-on elastic waist skirt, a singlet top, a pair of leggings. I used a brown  stretch bengaline fabric to make a more formal pair of pants. That was the start!


Make the next step...



Let's discuss your individual needs and let me journey with you, to have the Wardrobe you need and want. I do one on one, group sessions, masterclass.. whatever works for you. I love what I do and celebrate small steps that give big results. 


Anne x



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You don't always find what you're looking for but...you always find something!

Is your Wardrobe full of your own Vintage clothes?