Is "Your Fabric Stash" your oasis or your skeleton in the closet?

Is Your Fabric earning it's keep or causing confusion?


Fabric can be a burden and a threat to creativity!

Removing the Fabric you don't want to ever sew up is a good idea. Someone else who it would better suit should have it.

Storing Fabric that just isn't you, isn't  going to help you get the Wardrobe that works for you. Even if you do sew up the fabric, you really won't wear it.

One's person's trash is another person's treasure. Getting the Fabric to the right person is better than keeping it and preventing you from sewing the fabric you actually love and want to sew & then wear regularly.


It makes sense.

Our lives change & our wardrobes need updating too! Sewing up Corporate outfits and wearing them, long after you have retired doesn't work unless you are still involved with corporate activities. Different stages of life.

If you are going back into the workforce then Polar fleece and resort clothing probably won't be on top of your priority "to sew" list.


Where are you at the moment?

Is your current wardrobe/stash appropriate for your now lifestyle?

What fabrics are clogging your creativity?

What Fabric can you move out of your way 

To help you See the  Fabric you "Just Have to Sew Now"

To make the clothes you actually Need for your "Today Lifestyle"?


Yes? Or No? ....  

  • Do I love it?
  • Am I excited to make it up?
  • Will I even feel like wearing it if I do make it up?
  • Would I buy it if I saw it in a Fabric store today?
  • Am I keeping it for sentimental reasons?
  • Do I need it for making toiles?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Does it hold happy memories?
  • Was it expensive?
  • Is it Frumpy?
  • Is it Fabulous?

The Answers:

  • Yes - Keep
  • No -   Throw, Gift, De-stash swap, donate or sell

Get moving 

Start somewhere

Don't wait for the "perfect time"

Take the small steps towards getting your wardrobe full of Fun, Fabulous outfits that you are excited to Sew, Wear and Enjoy!

All our "Times, they are a-changin!"


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