Undercover Image Consultant gets a "free" styling session!

A short time ago I thought I would have a free styling session at an exclusive clothing shop.  I thought it would be interesting to see what  happens when someone is "store" styled and advised and whether it would be an experience I would recommend to others.  

It started off rather well.  I was given a cappuccino shortly after I arrived and the woman who was giving the styling session was lovely.  I was asked a lot about my current wardrobe and what I did in my day.  I also volunteered that I had just about eradicated black from my wardrobe and that my  best colors are brown  based and warm.  

I gave the stylist free reign to do what she wanted and that I would try on all her suggestions.  Scarves and jewelry were also sold in the store and I was quite happy to see how the outfits were meant to be styled.  It was about a two hour session and I really "felt" connected with the stylist.  Unfortunately  most of the clothes that were chosen were black and white.

I found the whole experience a bit strange, as I had mentioned that I had removed these colors from my wardrobe in a recent cull.  All I can guess is that she assumed I would replace them with new black garments from her shop. Towards the end of the session I was being asked to choose which items I would like to purchase!  I felt the temperature cool significantly when I said I would be considering but not purchasing today.

Verdict: Lovely experience but the crunch is that you are expected to purchase.  I didn't like what was chosen for me.  I felt frumpy in most of the clothes and glad I was able to say no to the pressured selling. I did ask if there was an obligation to buy and I was told that there wasn't but in the end I think there was.

That's why I love what I do!  I love styling- people finding their Individual Style Ingredients and Colors that suit them. They get to wear outfits that reveal their personalities and let them feel great in what they wear everyday.  No point buying another garment that won't deliver!

Have you ever been to a styling session that was not quite right?  Let me know about your experiences!  (No names mentioned of course)

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