Sewing Priorities. What will be the top two you need to do today??

As a prolific sewist I must say it is a bit tricky to work out my top two.  There is a basket of alterations that need to be done..of course.  There is a basket of creations cut out and ready to be sewn up.  There is my Winter jacket that I am impatient  to complete before the cool weather hits!  There is a stack of magazines with fashion trends I need to read for the new winter season.  

The best way for me to feel like I have invested my time well is to do a few alterations first - no more than two items.  This decreases the pile and it usually takes a short amount of time. 

The Winter jacket is next as I really want to wear it. The fabric is blue and green, a vintage wool and the pattern looks like it might be quick to whip up.  I say might because you just never know!

The rest can be thought about another day!  Spending too much time trying to work out the order actually stops you from starting anything.  Day gone and other jobs need to be done.

I really believe that having different roles in life can help!  Doing the worst jobs first, making sure there is food in the house and other all the other details moving in a steady forward movement helps make time for sewing.  My best tip is to change the sheets just before going to bed at night.  I can assure you this gets everyone involved in helping!!!!

Are the people you hang around cheering you on?

What came first the Rabbit or the egg?