Let the Sewing begin..

It' ll be chilly in March in  Puyallup/Seattle...But Bruce and I are so looking forward to Pacific Fabrics and SewExpo in 4 weeks time!


Look out Seattle....here we come!

Time to make a few warm clothes. 

The Weather can be anything from snowing to around 15C/60F. I can work with that.

Where do I begin? 

Choose the shoes first.. Leave the sandals at home

Next select Fabric

Thermal under dress

Layer upon layer, upon layer

Need a long sleeve base dress 

I'll be presenting! So I need clothes that can be seen beyond the front row. That means colour and drama!


I'll be bringing some exciting new sewing creations to Seattle for my Workshops!

I'll be sharing with you how to see with new eyes....to create a new chemistry between you and your sewing machine. Creating clothes you love to wear. 

Now for the Fabric quest! 

Prospecting for gold!! I know there's gold at the end of the Fabric rainbow in my Land of Oz! I'm on the Yellow Brick Road to Seattle bringing these creations with a view to helping those who want to:

  • Think in a new way about their sewing
  • Who want to gain Courage Sewing with different patterns and colours
  • To sew with a new Heart and passion.


The Workshop Sessions


Tuesday February 28 6.30pm - 8.30pm 

Pacific Fabrics Sewing Workshop:            

At the Northgate Store838 NE Northgate WAy

Seattle, WA 98125

  • The Perfect Marriage of the Right Fabric and The Right Pattern. 


SewExpo Puyallup Washington

3 different workshops with 3 different subjects under one heading -

Simple Steps to Sewing GREAT clothes .

1. Thursday 2nd March 1.30pm

  • Getting Your Sewing Mojo

2. Friday 3rd March 12.30pm

  • How to sew clothes that work for you without the stress of perfection!

3. Saturday 4th March 1.30pm

  • Sewing to create a Bold and Beautiful You!  
Photo credit Odile @couture_in_love

Photo credit Odile @couture_in_love


  • Bruce Whalley, the man behind the camera and my marketing strategist, is presenting 3 different workshops at SewExpo too:

3 different workshops with 3 different subjects under one heading

The Power of Social Media

1. Thursday 2nd March 11.30am

  • Photography

2. Friday 3rd March 4.30pm

  • Social Media Strategy

3. Saturday 4th March 11.30am

  • Small Business Marketing

I'm excited about Sewing and I want sewists to catch my excitement & feel Fabulous when wearing their "memade" creations

I will be sharing my tips that will develop a can-do approach to sewing garments that will be exciting, fun, uplifting, simple, empowering, confidence building and satisfying for the soul.  

One Workshop at Pacific Fabrics  plus Three different sessions at SewExpo to inspire you and give you an action plan to get you sewing garments that feel good on and you want to wear. Changing your Sewing direction - Fabric and Patterns in your collection waiting to be made into Wardrobe pieces that you can be proud to wear no matter what shape you are in. 


Bruce and I are looking forward to meeting you in person in Seattle. 

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