Sew Brave or Sew Scared Book Review &  Giveaway "Stylish Dress Book Wear with Freedom"

Sew Brave or Sew Scared Book Review & Giveaway "Stylish Dress Book Wear with Freedom"

My bookshelf is laden with Japanese Sewing Books. I love all of these books. I find them inspiring and I've always thought one day I would make something from them, but I haven't made anything yet! 


When Rachael from NEWSOUTH BOOKS asked me to review "Stylish Dress Book Wear with Freedom" by Yoshiko Tsukiori I said YES and I said I would make a dress from the book too! That's one way to get the ball rolling!

Some tempting patterns to consider

Some tempting patterns to consider

So come with me on the journey as I look through the 26 patterns (the alphabet has 26 letters too) from the "Stylish Dress Book" and actually sew a dress from this book.

I'll start at the beginning of the book (a very good place to start)

As I was really going to make something, I was interested in the Important Information page. Good news the book is in English and the Pattern sizes range is from size 6-16

The inclusion of a recipe on the next page is a nice touch ... time for a little coffee break and a look through my Fabric stash.


and here it is ....

the one I'm going to make ... Ta Da!


The Fabric has been chosen 


My head is filled with inspirational ideas ...I have chosen the Fabric and the pattern ... What is stopping me from making it? Nothing!

I'm going to sew my 1st Dress pattern from the Stylish Dress Book. Woo hoo!

Here we Go 

1. Get the Pattern out of the envelope at the back of the book and Trace off 6 pattern pieces ... this is Doable and less complicated than other Trace off pattern books! 


2. Add the seam allowance ... I'll finally get to use my seam allowance magnets on my sissors easy peasey ( Post will be on Instagram soon to show you how easy it is)

3. The Sewing instructions are straight forward. Advanced beginner level.  


Dress H will be posted on my Instagram account soon.

Giveaway Details

Okay, now for the Giveaway!

To  enter for a chance to win a copy of Stylish Dress Book Wear with Freedom  by Yoshiko Tsukiori .... please tell me in the comments below

What was the first "Memade" you sewed and how you felt wearing your first creation

Write in Comments below or Comment on my Instagram post  

Giveaway closes April 10

Australian & New Zealand residents only

This Stylish Dress Book is now available in the Australian market.

 2 books to be Won!  

Results posted on @annewhalley  Instagram account April 10th!


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