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Have you found what you are looking for, in your wardrobe? Are you searching for a particular outfit but never quite find it?

Imagine having a wardrobe full of clothes that expressed who you were. Imagine wearing clothes that communicated your personality exactly. Imagine having a wardrobe that worked. Your current wardrobe cost you a lot of time and money 


Unworn clothes take up space. Sell them or have a clothing swap party. Just get those clothes into the right hands and get your hands on the right clothes. You need to live your life and be as prepared as you can be for each day.


At the end of the day it's a bit like buying food you will never eat. It sits in the  fridge, takes up space and then becomes ready for throwing out. 

If you can't find fabric or clothes that suit you, don't spend your money. Do your homework. Find out what you love. Start small. Look and discover what makes your heart beat. Buy what you love and wear it until it is worn out.


I make clothes for myself because I can make exactly what I know will suit me. Warm, toasted colors work for me. Clothes with vertical and/or asymmetric lines work better for my body than horizontal lines. I need to wear clothes that have Drama, Comfort and Creative elements. These three boxes need to be ticked. If this Recipe is not followed then I don't wear the garments I make. It is as simple as that. I enjoy my clothes. I wear them and I use them in my Workshops and Presentations. 


Finding out what clothing works best for you can be fun! Look through your old photos and find the outfits that you felt fabulous in. Remember how that felt? What was it about that outfit that made you feel so good? Work out your own recipe. Get help. Read blogs. Just start.

And if you ever find an outfit or fabric you know you just can't live without.... buy it. Wear it. Wear it out.

Yes I bought it!

Yes I bought it!

Change your actions
Buy the fabric/clothes you can't live without!!
Have a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear.

If you need help email info@annewhalley.com
I can help you be the you, you have always wanted to be!


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