If your Fabric is outta sight ... It's outta your mind too

I am a long time Sewist with a rather large fabric collection & there is always a tension between how I can see my fabric and keep it organized! I really want to sew up the fabric I have purchased ... I don't want anyone else to sew it up.

Stored fabric needs to be seen.

Cher Knit Dress StyleArc Visiting Fabrix in San Francisco

Cher Knit Dress StyleArc Visiting Fabrix in San Francisco

Looking and imagining what your fabric will be is a step closer to getting that fabric on your back.


There is a system using 5 x 3 inch index cards .. and  I think it could be something that could work for fabric and pattern listing. If each Fabric were on separate 5 x 3 inch cards with: 

• fabric swatch stapled

• fabric blend / composition

• fabric weave (ponte, 2 way stretch)

• yardage/meterage

• pattern number/s you are considering

• what it will go with in your wardrobe

• when you want to wear it (season)

• where you will wear it work/coffee shop/ gym/special occasion/ home/school ...

• How much the fabric cost

• The date of purchase

• What you need to purchase: zips, Cotton's, buttons etc

• The name of the fabric shop

• Date of completion  


This card is now DONE and can be photographed and kept together with the other completed cards. The card can be stored in the pattern envelope and if you use this pattern again the information card can then have your new information added and returned to the active cards or start a new card 

• A mark out of 10 re how you feel & look in the garment

• What changes you made to the pattern

• What you wear with it: accessories, other garments  

• Would you make it again


The beauty of this system is that the card only has information for the one fabric. The cards can be shuffled, which allows for the order of priority of what needs to be sewn first. If you decide that you no longer want to sew a project urgently you can easily change the order. Keeping some cards in your handbag means you have the list of on you and a fabric swatch to help you purchase all that you need.

Self Drafted Dress

Self Drafted Dress

Try it & see if it is something that will help you take your sewing hopes from dreams  to completion. 

As you proceed, assess if the sewing project is worth your time. Are there any elements that still attract you? Is the relationship you had with the fabric and pattern still exciting?? If not maybe you should let it go and get on to a sewing project that will excite you and this is important. ... then the garment WILL make a difference in your wardrobe (life)!

Britex Fabric Store in San Francisco wearing The Drop Dress by MadeIt Patterns

Britex Fabric Store in San Francisco wearing The Drop Dress by MadeIt Patterns

Working out what you want to make first is another dilemma.

Ordinary clothes are necessary base pieces for your wardrobe. They make your hero pieces shine.

This is the start. The foundation ...

An un-iced cake so to speak

The icing is sweet and decorations are where your personality comes out.

So at the very least sewing some base pieces will be a strong start and then the hero piece will complete your outfit.

Self Drafted Dress

Self Drafted Dress

What system works for you? 

I think getting a system that helps us sew, is worthy of a try!  It certainly works for me. I have the cards in my purse with the swatches attached to help me get the right coloured notions as well as the size of the zip, number of buttons, hooks and eyes, elastic etc..

Self Drafted Faux Fur Collar

Self Drafted Faux Fur Collar

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