Selfish Sewing is Anything BUT Selfish!

Selfish Sewing is Anything BUT Selfish!

This blog post will change your life!


Big claim I know! 

"Sew" let's go through a few  senarios:

Let's look at living a life that gives you the ability to happily sew for others.

It's hard to be a happy sewist when we are always meeting everyone else's needs. If you are good at doing this, then you end up getting asked to do more.

A sad but true fact.

This means you get less time to do for you.

If you are getting paid a fair wage to sew (if there is such a thing), if you have plenty of choices in your wardrobe already and if you don't have a Fabric & Pattern Stash that is bursting at the seams, then you can happily help others!


How do you start sewing for the glorious You that you now are? ...

  • if you are shortish

  • no longer a size 8 (I think I was last size 8 when I was a baby 😂)

  • Wearing the same 3 items every ...

  • Want to feel better about yourself


  • Kaftan, Cape, Kimonos

  • Cocoon shaped dresses eg Adeline dress



  • Asymmetrical dresses eg Drop Dress

  • Tunics eg Vogue 1550

  1. Test some patterns out

  2. Look at

  3. Look at Instagram for inspiration

  4. Touch your Fabric

  5. Look at your Patterns

Prioritise your list. Break free from the chains of "Ticking items off everyone else's list."

The more you do the more they want.


When you have your wardrobe sorted, you can do for others with more love and joy.

Imagine a few new pieces in your wardrobe, made by you, for you. Goodness me I think we all like that feeling.

The only thing that's stopping you, is YOU!

If you were on an airplane and there was an emergency you are advised to administer oxygen to yourself first so that you can safely and happily look to help others.

For the sake of your own joyful self, health and creative well being .....


You have the Fabric and Patterns.

Life can side-track us. Focus on "My List."

Take that oxygen first  & be a happier you.

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