Sea change Sew change See change

Sea Change....

Retirement means a different wardrobe!

Time to:

•get comfortable

•be approachable

•look interesting


Going from workplace/corporate to home, is a sea change. Sewing a new style of clothes means you'll have appropriate clothing for your new lifestyle...effortless yet classy and smart.


Sew Change...

You can't wear that fabulous corporate jacket to the coffee shop, to meet up with friends .. it's too formal

You can't just add white runners to a tracksuit it's way too casual.

Wovens, dark colours, stiff fabrics, official gone!

See Change...

Hello smart, sassy, comfortable, creative you!

Extreme change of lifestyle means you need to rethink the clothes you sew.


You want to feel right, with-it and fabulous!

Choosing the right fabric for your new lifestyle garments is necessary, so you feel excited and in keeping with a new wardrobe that works for your new lifestyle.

One of my clients told me how he was off to Fiji for his first holiday. His mother packed for him! He had a case filled with suits and shirts. He looked out of place and felt out of place. He purchased some casual clothes and was able to have a great holiday. Thanks Mum!


Get your corporate clothes out of your wardrobe and make room for the "new you clothes" Feel sassy, comfortable in your own skin, look anything but frumpy! Enjoy your new circumstances. Make sure you make more than one outfit though... because you will want to wear it all the time! And that my friends is a uniform...and we can't have that!


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