But I haven't finished my Winter Sewing yet! Spring can't really be next week ...

Next week it's Spring ..... just when I got into the Winter Sewing Groove!

Now do I keep sewing Winter or leave the pre cut Patterns until next year?

Decisions decisions.


The Pros and Cons:


  • It's Fabulous to finish the Winter Sewing list

  • Melbourne is famous for having 4 seasons in one day!

  • I always sew faster with a deadline


  • To be ready for Spring I should start planning and cutting and sewing Spring garments

  • I don't want to be chasing my tail all Spring like I was through Winter

  • Once the blossoms are all out my Winter sewing vibe disappears

  • It's annoying not to finish my seasonal sewing list

  • It's still really cold outside


I'm leaning towards sewing half the Winter pre-cut pattern pile and mixing in a few Spring projects, looking to see which projects are more Trans-seasonal.

... which means I can actually wear some of my new Spring garments in Spring ... sounds like a plan!


Here are the last of the Winter projects I think I will complete:

Vogue Vintage Pattern 1217

Vogue Vintage Pattern 1217

In Vintage looking Ponte

Vogue Designer Pattern OOP 1129


This Coat .... it's not lined and more like a long cardigan really. Trans-seasonal✓

The eye ball shirt


Vogue Designer Pattern Vintage 1430

It's orange and really should be in my wardrobe .... and not in a half finished state


Well now I have a Plan! 

How does the New Season affect you? Do you try and finish what you have planned to make or do you save it for next year ... or a bit of both? 

If you need help Finishing one season and planning the next send me an  email 


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