Fabric shopping are you still buying fabric you won't ever sew up?

Imagine the horror... unexpected guests and nothing to serve them. FHB ( Family Hold back) won't save the day if there is nothing in the fridge!



Having a well stocked fridge means you're prepared for anything! I love deli food. Nibble food. A smorgasboard of flavours, texture, and taste bud delights. Fetta cheese, bacon, cold meat, olives... Reality... the fetta never made it to the salad, the bacon became sweaty, cold meat was left to its own devices but the olives were devoured! The waste.. except for the olives. The "Just in case food" that went into the bin.... I've found that even good deli food doesn't last 3 weeks in the fridge.

I don't shop like that anymore. With all the different work requirements and children have become adults.... creative output is happening more in the sewing room than the kitchen ...I don't need to buy as much as I did. The pantry has tuna and I tend to buy deli food e.g. bacon when I'm actually going to cook with it.


Fabric wise I don't buy Black fabric - obviously I'm part of a small minority as a Melbourniam. I buy fabric that makes my heart race and I can see myself wearing in my everyday life. I still buy the odd evening fabric that just cannot be left in the shop, as there are occasions that call for it. I don't buy just because it's cheap!  If a Fabric is cheap and that is all its got going for it..by the time I get it home it's no longer in my memory. May as well leave it for someone who really loves it!

The boxes that need ticking before I decide to purchase:

  • Dramatic print/Colour
  • Will it be comfortable?
  • Is the Fabric interesting?
  • Does it have bounce?
  • Does it drape?
  • Do I love the way it feels?
  • Colour combination
  • Texture
  • Wearability
  • Travelling options
  • Is it a Spectacular fabric?
  • Unique
  • Soft
  • Fabric Composition?
  • Does the colour/ print flatter my colouring
  • Will it stretch my wardrobe options?

Depending on the Fabric there is a lot to consider before fabric adoption...a lot!


I want to feel so inspired and excited about my fabric that I claw my way to the Sewing machine to sew my fabric purchases up.

Stiff Fabric with a lot of structure would make me feel like I was in a straight jacket!

Funnily enough the meals I cook also tend to have my 3 main Style Ingredients Drama, Creative and comfortable too....or the meal is just blah to me! Nuts for texture, mixing of interesting Ingredients and no heartburn after. If I have a favourite recipe I try not to cook it often or I can no longer face it. Routine is a killer for me.

We all are different and we are attracted to different elements of Fabric and food. Our memories of when we felt fabulous in an outfit and really enjoyed a meal. We certainly don't want to wear the same outfit day in day out..that's a work uniform! Wearing clothes that reveal who you are and support you in your activities, allow you to get about your day without that feeling of "not quite right."

Shopping Intentionally saves you time, money and heartbreak... Oh and storage space, guilt and a short-term thrill. Let's face it, getting a Fabric bargain is exciting and fun but if it's not right for you then it should stay in the fabric store. So if you love deli food don't wait too long before you eat it. Fresh is best. Good thing fabric lasts longer!



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