How in the heck to get from a bulging wardrobe filled with nothing to wear to.... a functional memade wardrobe that supports you in your life endeavours!

It's boring to sort stuff. That's the truth!

It's Absolutely Fabulous to have it done!

You will never be in the mood to do this task.

So .....anyway....Just Start....



Put your phone away


Use a timer. Start with 10 minutes only!

Throw out the known dodgy garments..even if you think you may lose weight..Good grief it's Mid March 2017 already. No excuses. Time is slipping by...


Next number of white tops... Bleach or dye if they aren't perfect or toss...T-shirts, Pants...


You could keep reading my list or just poke your head in your wardrobe and sort your stuff!

Cull and organise. Doesn't matter how.... just get order in that wardrobe.Toss the shocking and pass the wearables on.

What do you need?

Make a list!

Get the gaps filled.

Now you have time to add the fabulous: frocks, tops and/or

quirky pieces that make your heart sing.


Make a beeline to your fabulous Fabric and choose a couple of Fabrics you want made up into something NOW.

Next stop.. the pattern collection...Pick a few you want to make.

Sit on the floor and see who gets on with each other.


Put the pattern on top of the various Fabrics.

Spend time considering the combinations. Think about your wardrobe now before you forget what's in there!


Go and have a drink. Think consider. Touch your fabric. Do you have enough meterage?

Have you found it??  The Fabric & Pattern combination that makes your heart sing?

Cut it out!

Sew it Up!!

Get excited. Your sewing mojo may be working.

Let's get this party started!!


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