It's the Final Countdown!!!

I am counting down the days and I am so looking forward to visiting the lovely list of Fabric stores that you have sent in! I am looking forward to experiencing England  & Wales Fabric Stores. I will let you know via Instagram when and where I will be in these Fabric Stores. However, there is still room for more fabric stores on my list (somehow I think this will always be the case)! 

Simple Steps to Win a Free Ticket here!

1. Send an email to me with your Nominated  favourite Fabric Store in England/Wales:

2. Subscribe: Your email address will enable me to send you news and updates of where I am in England!

3. Be at a Winning Fabric Store where I will announce and present the ticket to the Winners in Person!

Stay tuned for Winning Stores, Appearance times and dates. Looking forward to meeting you in store or at the Olympic London Spring Show! 

But before I can leave Australia...

My very long  list is staring at me, right in the face.

I have happily marked off all that is quick to do.

I am sewing late into the night...and I mean late!

I am putting my "pedal to the Metal"

Only 7 days to go Eeeek!!! I'm off to London and it is cold over there ..darn cold.  My wardrobe for the trip is happening. I am sewing and sewing and coming up with some new ideas for cool weather clothes suitable for holiday travel. My heart is beating fast but that is probably a result of the coffee I just had!

Questions that run through my mind in those early hours when I sew the most efficiently:

  • Why oh why do I feel like sewing Summer garments?
  • Why am I actually sewing these summer garments between my winter deadline garments?!?
  • Why does my daughter tell me to focus?
  • Why does the seam ripper become a foe rather than a dear friend that it really is?
  • Why does it feel like I am sewing so slowly?
  • Why are there so many ideas sprouting in my mind?
  • Why do I believe I am Superwoman?
  • Why does a deadline make me push more than ever?

The Deadline is the Key!

Without a departure deadline, travel wardrobes don't get made and neither do a lot of patterns and fabrics.

How many of us want to make evening clothes yet don't? The Fabrics and Patterns stay cherished dreams and continue taking up storage space while more patterns and fabrics are acquired! It's the Never ending story.

How many of us have dreams of a me-made wardrobe...but instead have piles of fabric and boxes of patterns waiting to be brought to life. Are we still waiting for the "right" occasion?

We need to make it happen! Stop waiting for someone or something. Live your dream. Make your dream wardrobe happen!

First provide the occasion. Have a celebration..could be in a park, a backyard. Everyone can bring a plate. It doesn't have to be a heavy financial burden. Meet at a cafe. All attendees need to "dress to the nines." Make some dress rules. Me-made, Up-cycle fashion, creative, formal... Workout the details that suit you. I can picture the wonderful party in Gone with the Wind where Scarlett O'Hara had her gown made out of curtains. Tough times doesn't mean no fun. Make do with what you have. You have the fabric. You have the Pattern. Have a get-together. Before you know it, you will have clothes to wear and places to go and something to look forward to! You will be doing instead of dreaming.

In Melbourne a group of Wonderful girls put together an event called "Frocktails" All women sewed their own dresses and met at a venue and we all had so much fun. The journey of getting ready for a get together is fraught with highs and lows for everyone. Always great to share the journey with like minded women and listen to the stories...

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