Are the people you hang around cheering you on?

Every one of us has a passion and a talent!  Some don’t know what their talent is and some have forgotten.  To do what you love and what you can make sense of, is one of the keys to finding joy in your life.  Sometimes we accidently discover our passion and talent.  Some people have always known they were going to be a doctor.  We all need to consider and be intentional about the short life we have.

To discover what you are passionate about take note of what you desire doing.  Consider how you feel while you are doing this activity.  Does the activity feel like you are putting fuel in your tank?  To know for certain look at how you treat others after.  When we feel we miss out, we take out our frustration on others and the spiral continues onto others.  When we feel in touch with our needs and content, the roll on effect is wonderful.

Don’t short change yourself!  Ensure others know what you would like to do.  Guessing is such a hit and miss affair.  It’s like buying a gift for someone.  EBay knows the truth about these gifts. It is the thought that counts but communication about what you like will ensure money won’t be wasted on a gift that isn’t right.

Find what you love and love what you do.  Small steps in the right direction and a cheering crowd will be two intentional factors that will help you have a life that is filled with joy regardless of the obstacles that you will encounter.

Having a back up plan is crucial!

Sewing Priorities. What will be the top two you need to do today??