Sewing my Koos "Cat-Coat" & Scarlett​ O'Hara's Green Velvet Dress...Spoiler alert! Both are made from curtains!!

"Clothes maketh the man"

Scarlett O'Hara needed $300 to pay an account or lose her home 'Tara'....a scene from the Story "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell. 

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

The Green Velvet Curtains were the answer to Scarlett's future. She was cash poor. Her future was on the line. Scarlett was creative and desperate. An outfit was made and her outfit saved the day. 


I have read "Gone with the Wind" the book and seen the movie, over 15 times. I have been influenced by this movie. Until recently I didn't realise how much I was influenced. I am a sucker for stories about people surviving hard times -true stories and made up stories. It helps me to remember to hope.


Spotting a cat curtain and turning it into a coat is evidence of a seed sprouting and  bringing it to full bloom!


What inspires you to purchase the Fabric and Patterns you love? Your back story matters and is part of "Your Why." Your then and now are a part of the essential ingredients of your unique Wardrobe. That's why duplication will never represent who we really are. We are all unique and our style recipe is too. 



My Koo's Cat Coat is a combination of:

• Gone with the Wind

• Curtains

• Hope 

• Creative

• Fun

And it feels "Sew Right" when I wear it! 

So if you see it in the window will you be able to resist?? 

From The Carol Burnett Show 

What's your inspiration for Sewing? Which garments have elated you?.....Have you got a "Gone with the Wind" garment in your Wardrobe?

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