"Sewists' Block" is real. How to release your creative floodgates or get your sewing Mojo back!

Sewists' Block:

  • Finding it hard to get to the Sewing machine?
  • Unhappy with the results you have from Sewing?
  • Memade or RTW clothes not ticking all the boxes? 
  • Is the path to more Successful Sewing, clear?

How to begin?

The Wants  & The Must Haves

Time to step out of the shadow and into the sunlight..

This is the time to begin again!!

Get reaquainted with yourself...

What do you actually need in your Wardrobe now

What do you want in your Wardrobe that will inject your personality into your outfit and let the world know who you are!


We all have only 5 seconds to make a good first impression. Do our clothes speak well for us?

Your Clothes make a statement 20 metres/65 feet away, before you have said a word. 

Do your Clothes reflect your personality and are they appropriate attire for your environment?

Look younger and wiser! 

Try on the clothes in your Wardrobe now.

Keep the garments that have promise. 

Remove any clothing that makes you feel frumpy.  

Next make Sewing decisions.

What to sew...


The garment starter list!

Prioritise what are your most important environments. What you wear while watching TV is probably not a high priority.



Focus on your top 3 environments!  

Get the Patterns and Fabrics together.






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Could the Pattern and Fabric Sales be the real reason we have a huge collection of Patterns and Fabric?

If we all paid the full price for our Fabric and Pattern collection would it be a quarter of the size?

Quite possibly yes. If I had to pay $30 per pattern I would be quite the discerning buyer!


When I look through my many patterns I am so glad I have all of them. A sleeve I cherish, a collar that I instantly eloped with, a neckline that took my breath away.  There was a reason I had to have and keep each of these patterns. These instant attractions to features are reasons for a lot of my purchases. My mind is like a filing cabinet, drawers and drawers of ideas. No time to gossip...Too busy flicking through the patterns in my collection...In my mind. Ahh! a mind that focuses on creation is not to left to it's own devices!  I need to sew. I need to create.


Maybe I'm saying that it's better to buy a pattern and sew it up rather than focus on people who drive you crazy! Sewing does provide me with a refuge from the real world. Away from problems I can't solve. To just focus on creating. Sublime refuge! We are all just a little different and all guilty of having a perspective that is "me centred" i.e. What's in it for me? No one does anything for someone unless there is something in it for them...even selfless giving makes the giver feel good!  Being aware of this situation is vital to saving hurt feelings - yours and theirs. If both parties win, then a relationship works. "Win - Win." Any other senario e.g. Lose - win, win - lose, lose - lose  is fraught with danger and hurt!


After Reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey my thoughts on doing life changed. I highly recommend this book. Warning: Even though there are no sewing tips or patterns in this book, this book could change your life too!

Being passionate and engaged in a creative pursuit is helpful to navigating life. Looking forward to the time you spend doing what you love makes the day a winner. Spending time with animals and appreciating nature, is time well spent too. 


We got a secondhand rabbit when our children were young. This rabbit was black and the size of a good sized dog...Miffy. Our backyard became a fenced playground for her. She was grumpy and an escape artist. When she was happy she leapt and bounded. A truly uplifting sight to witness. When she escaped the family were all hands on deck. We needed every family member, and sometimes the neighbours if they were available, to surround Miffy and somehow catch her before she hit the road and a car hit her. I didn't want a rabbit and really didn't want to be involved in any "catching rabbits" shenanigans. We all learnt strategic catching techniques and all felt elated when she was safe again...A family bonding in the recovery of an escape artist. At the end of the day not a waste of time after all.


Someone said, Life is not about your goals or destination but what happens along the way.

What are you doing with your pattern and fabric collection? If you have fabric and a pattern but too afraid to sew...be brave! Just sew it. Even if it doesn't turn out exactly as you imagined. You've learnt something along the way. Buying a gym membership and never going to the gym won't deliver a fit body and neither will sitting on a pile of patterns and fabric, that are languishing  and waiting to have their destiny fulfilled.


Take a look into your Fabric Collection and browse through your library of Patterns. Do something with them. While you're at it enjoy the re-ignition of passion you had when you first bought them. I highly recommend it. After returning from Sewexpo Puyallup/Seattle this last week, I had to really look deeply for my Sewing Mojo! I went to the source of my Sewing Mojo.... my Fabric and my Patterns. Touching Fabric and flipping through patterns...Then I made a quick stretch pull on skirt. Back in the saddle again!! Let the Sewing Adventures begin again!!

Let your sewing Adventures begin!

Let your new addiction be..... "Your Sewing journey to Your memade wardrobe!"

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How in the heck to get from a bulging wardrobe filled with nothing to wear to.... a functional memade wardrobe that supports you in your life endeavours!

It's boring to sort stuff. That's the truth!

It's Absolutely Fabulous to have it done!

You will never be in the mood to do this task.

So do...it .....anyway....Just Start....



Put your phone away


Use a timer. Start with 10 minutes only!

Throw out the known dodgy garments..even if you think you may lose weight..Good grief it's Mid March 2017 already. No excuses. Time is slipping by...


Next number of white tops... Bleach or dye if they aren't perfect or toss...T-shirts, Pants...


You could keep reading my list or just poke your head in your wardrobe and sort your stuff!

Cull and organise. Doesn't matter how.... just get order in that wardrobe.Toss the shocking and pass the wearables on.

What do you need?

Make a list!

Get the gaps filled.

Now you have time to add the fabulous: frocks, tops and/or

quirky pieces that make your heart sing.


Make a beeline to your fabulous Fabric and choose a couple of Fabrics you want made up into something NOW.

Next stop.. the pattern collection...Pick a few you want to make.

Sit on the floor and see who gets on with each other.


Put the pattern on top of the various Fabrics.

Spend time considering the combinations. Think about your wardrobe now before you forget what's in there!


Go and have a drink. Think consider. Touch your fabric. Do you have enough meterage?

Have you found it??  The Fabric & Pattern combination that makes your heart sing?

Cut it out!

Sew it Up!!

Get excited. Your sewing mojo may be working.

Let's get this party started!!


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Improvise Overcome Adapt ...Clint Eastwood Sewing Style!

Ahh Life!! The mountain Top Experiences and the Valleys. There are no straight lines in life...If there were, there would be no Mountain Top Highs (there is always more than one mountain..So keep holding on)!! The view from the top is truly worth the depression & doubt of the Valley. Each step we take is riddled with resistance. The climb is arduous but life was never meant to be easy...Ever. This is a war zone with small spates of Sewing... Because Life without sewing is just not worth living IMO (in my opinion)!! 


When we look at others we think everything in their lives is Rosy. Don't fool yourself with this belief. Everyone has the same ups and downs. The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. 

Dig your foot into the side of that mountain. Hold your position. Don't backslide. Hang on for Your Dear Life! Take a break, rest up, regather your thoughts...sew a little...Do anything that it takes for you to recharge your batteries..And then continue on the upward journey. 


Perseverance and hardship create a beauty in you that cannot be produced any other way! The butterfly has the most beautiful colours in its wings. These colours are the result of an arduous journey. The cycle of life indeed! When a butterfly is in the Cocoon Stage, it needs to move through a channel that is squeezy. This pressure on the butterfly as it moves through the pupua stage produces the colours. If the Cocoon is cut open the butterfly is free but misses out on the squeezing.As a result the butterfly then misses out on having beautifully coloured wings! Pressure producing development is real.

All things pass. Bad things and good things. When you finally get to the top of the mountain then you go down again. 


The cycle of life. 

Bad luck and good luck...Let's just say it's the position you are holding at the moment on that mountain! You are not cursed if you are at the bottom of the mountain and start climbing. You and everyone else has a life journey. Stop screaming and don't give up. Use all your wits and energy to survive the ride of your life.


Feeling inspired after watching the latest screen version of the Ben Hur Movie and realising the worst life ever would be a life filled with everything working out exactly the way we planned! 

Sometimes a sewing mishap can end up being the best outfit we ever made or a learning experience that shapes us as the sewer we long to be!


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A Fast Sew vs a Slow Sew

Do both to survive the Sewing slump!!

I remember sewing classes in year 10 at school..talk about a slow sew. 10 weeks to make a skirt. Ugggg! I was over that skirt before I finished it!!  

Technique is so important when you are learning to sew. How to buy a pattern, fabric, zip and cotton. There is a need to know these techniques..That's true.


Some people are faster learners than others. Some people can't wait to get that garment off the machine and onto their body. There is nothing worse than finishing a summer skirt just in time for Winter. It's just plain cruel. I think I did one year of sewing at school. In some ways I'm sure the activity was made to last the whole term. Busy work. I can smell "busy work" a mile off. I don't want to fill in my time. I want to make and create and wear what I make, while I am still in love with it. I am a microwave person who was born at a time when slow was the go!

How to balance my impatience with the more complicated patterns I want to make...Make a few quick patterns inbetween. This gives you a well needed boost of energy. It's called "sewing mojo."


Wearing a memade garment that you just whipped up is a real rush....And it's legal! When the Fabric is Fabulous and the outfit design is simple, a Fast Sew is on the table. The Fabric does all the work. You get to wear it after a short time at the Sewing machine. You are "A Sewing Magician!" You have pulled the rabbit out of the hat. People are wondering how you did it. This kind of sewing is addictive. I know all about it... because I am addicted to this kind of Sewing. I can't live without this rush. I am passionate about Fabric and can see it's potential. This is what makes my heart sing. I can do many other things but this is my calling.


If you are in a Sewing Slump maybe what you are making is way too time consuming for the amount of time you have! Why not go to your Fabric collection and find some Fabric you still love and make something that will boost your "sewing mojo" KPI's (Key  Performance Indicators)?!

Work out what your KPI's are first!

KPI Suggestions:

  • You want to feel great and look great in what you make
  • You want to look interesting  
  • You want clothes that express who you are
  • You want to feel younger..But not like a teenager  
  • You want to look classy
  • You want your clothes to bring focus on your  good features and away from anything else
  • You want to feel confident and be visibile
  • You want people to take you seriously
  • Etc

 A few Extraordinary patterns that surpassed my expectations: Burda 6773, Vogue 8780, Vogue 9022, Vogue 1228, Burda 7313


Merits of slow sewing:

  • Exquisite attention to detail
  • A Classic that endure for years
  • A project that grows your skills
  • Work of art 


  • You might not love your new piece, even though you did everything right it ended up wrong
  • Slow to build your wardrobe
  • Might slow your discovery of your Style Recipe

Fast : 

  • Time invested - not too much
  • You have more fresh garments to choose from
  • You wear it while you still love it
  • The rush of wearing something you've just made is Fabulous
  • Your using your Fabric collection   
  • You feel confident and connected to who you are
  • If it doesn't work out (and the Fabric cost didn't break the bank), you get back on that horse faster...another sewing project - Experiencing a failure is part of the Sewing journey. That's how you learn!

Discermment Let's not  go beserk about fast or slow sewing..make what you love and wear it. The reason behind the slow or fast sewing is an important consideration. If you have a working wardrobe that you wear on a regular basis,   and want a creative outlet,  then slow sewing might suit you. However if you need a new wardrobe fast and have a large Fabric collection, then there is no judgement on you...Make it and wear it. You need to feel great in what you wear. It just makes life a lot easier. If you want to keep your wardrobe up to date or seasonal or if you are addicted to Fabric and you just love Sewing...the only way to manage your Fabric stash is to make it into clothes F.A.S.T!


However continually purchasing fabric that never gets made fast or slow is like buying food for the pantry and not cooking . Money, time and storage wastage. Now that is something we can do something about! 

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Let's do the time warp again! ...... "Everyday Australian Fashion." Original pieces from over the last 200+ years.


Loel Thomson you had me from the "get-go."


This extensive and comprehensive collection  is so well presented with such a  passionate attention to detail. These are ALL original and authentic period items and accessories.

Each corner is a step back in time; into the reality of each time capsule displayed.There are additional snippets of information too, that take you deeper into a past reality. It's all there. In front of you!



Don't touch!.. but feast your eyes on the extraordinary/ordinary fashion of the day. It took my breath away. Just beautiful!

Loel Thomson the curator and collector

Loel Thomson the curator and collector


Don't walk, run to this exhibition when you come to visit us in Melbourne. "The World's most liveable City" - 6 years in a row! Really worth a trip.

This permanent Exhibition is constantly changing from a collection of over 10,000 pieces.


Call before you arrive, to book in. The museum is open only by appointment, so you’ll need to ring Loel Thomson herself on:

613  9852 1794. There’s a small entry charge by donation, which goes to charity.

Go and see this exhibition! Organise a group to see and experience this one off collection. Only seen at this address! 


Loel Thomson is passionate about social history. Everyday clothes that everyday people wore.


This is Loel's private passion that she shares with us. It is mind boggling in size and with original period accessories. Praise God for driven, passionate and generous women like Loel.


The textbooks show items but not how they were worn.... Loel cares about the whole picture. Hair, jewelry, furniture the whole enchilada!


This collection is not just a collection, it's experiential.

You can't help smiling and recalling, Oh yes I remember "Aunt SoandSo" wore that.... I remember! 


When Loel opens the door to her world..you step into a time warp... to walk among her yesteryear collection and enjoy the ambience.


There are no barriers to keep you at a safe distance. Remembering not to touch, is on my mind constantly. I really want to touch these clothes.


I am successful in my restraint.


The reason these clothes are in such amazing condition is because they were not worn out! Everyday clothes that were "saved."


I think all of us would have clothes or Fabric that we love but "save!"


Holding ourselves back from climbing over this fence is no mean feat.


Wearing our better clothes and Sewing our better Fabric means we are using what we have. We don't need to shortchange ourselves.





Who will wear our clothes or sew our Fabric if we don't? Someone who may not love them as much as we do..that's who!!!


Wear your good clothes. Make that Fabric into clothes.


Wear them. Enjoy them. Love what you have bought already and...Wear Them Out!

Loel Thomson a big thank you..I'll be back for more! 


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"Fences" the movie - a sewist's thoughts...


Your dreams matter and affect your whole life. There is no escaping this fact. Pursuing your dreams is important. Your life depends on it! Having a talent and using it makes life exciting and less like groundhog Day. Trudging through 5 days to get to the 2 means more druge than joy. The Wednesday Humpday is a reality. 


Working at a job that isn't perfect to pay the bills is more common than working in a career that you love.  

Do what you love...Love what you do  

Ok so this isn't always possible. 

I've been there and wondered when the work situation would ever change. My Survival was only possible through sewing after work and on the weekends. Sewing truly saved my sanity and kept our family together!

Troy in the Movie Fences had his dream dashed.   He was indeed a talented baseball player and his dream career crushed due to his skin colour. It's not right. It happened back then and this is still happening in so many other forms to so many people.


Troy was living for Friday night. He was squashed. His day to day living was due to him wanting to fulfil his responsibilities. Noble but dangerous. We can only live out of overflow. If we feel jipped or shortchanged the ripple effect is that we jip everyone else. We are surly and angry. We are not operating at our best. The people who matter in our lives are missing out on the best of us..they get the residue.


Troy could have used his disappointment in a different way. Imagine if he had set up a neighbourhood baseball team and coached young kids after work. He had a baseball on a string hanging from a tree and a bat in the backyard. So confining and restricted. He couldn't look forward. He wallowed. His talent was wasted. His family truly suffered. Troy stopped having fun because he stopped being involved in baseball - the very essence of him!

Rose, his wonderful wife truly was a great woman, who gave her all to support her husband and sons. Her life was to be everything they needed. She too had lost her way. By investing everything she had in her family she neglected herself. So easy to get caught up with fulfilling everyone else's needs. When you finally get the time to do what you want...you are too tired. This becomes a habit and you forget what's really important to you. Caring for your family is important but if you forget to see to your own needs, you start to forget what they are. Making sure you are not getting forgotten is imperative. Sewing, reading, getting exercise..don't put yourself last all the time, even if it seems easier to do this. When you get your needs met, you will have a lightness of heart that will take the drudge out of the day. 


Groundhog Day is a reality when we are going through the motions of same, same, same! Inject activities into your day that make your heart sing. Give yourself permission to have daily time slots where you have "me time." Invest in yourself. Take small steps or large steps. Just take the steps! Life is always a challenge. Grab on to the fun things in life that will ensure you keep on the path. Having something to look forward to daily dispels hump day syndrome. See what changes you can make to your day. Playing martyr means everyone suffers.

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Burda 7234 Sewing Diary

If I wasn't determined to complete my work in progress (WIP) pile, this dress would never have been completed. Even my new invisible zipper foot (Why did I not have one before now?) couldn't keep my eyes open for long. As an experienced sewer who has made evening gowns, lined and fitted jackets.... I have tackled a wide variety of projects at my sewing machine. I'm brave enough to tackle anything. If you don't stretch yourself you don't learn and grow. Some turned out great ... others never worn. But I've learned a lot over the years. But doubt.... the Big Question... Is this one a time waster?

At my busiest time in life - young children, full time job I had very little time for constructed Sewing. I remember when made a designer lined brown suede jacket. All the elements were what I wanted. After spending 12 months on and off, sewing this jacket. It looked wonderful, however I just didn't love it anymore. I couldn't believe it! This jacket kept me from delving into my Fabric Collection and feeling fabulous. It was a blockage!  I knew that I couldn't afford to do too many of these type of projects anymore. The good news is that now I scan a pattern and see it for what it is.. a time waster or will I be wearing you soon?

Back to this dress... 


I love the Fabric (really love it) and dearly wanted to wear this dress through summer. But this pattern! So many parts to this dress. I'm a visual learner and there were not enough pictures! These Burda instructions... yawn So trying to keep myself awake!


Struggling to get to the end of this dress project so that I can sew something else. Anything else. Something simple! There is only one review of this pattern in Pattern Review. This has me thinking that maybe other people fell asleep too while sewing it and never finished it. Maybe this Pattern...is in your collection too?

I am writing this blog post in the middle of sewing this dress!  This could be an indicator that I may still not finish  this dress either!! Looking and touching the fabric I am determined to keep going. (I did actually finish it) Yeah!!!


Back to the sewing machine... 

Only a few details to finish now. I want to wear it tomorrow! Bruce has some time off and we are going on a date! Sewing is now more focused and I can see the end in sight!

Having a deadline is definitely motivating for me.   

Side seams done now only the armhole facings to go.  So close... No! I can't do the sleeve facings. I think the FOE (foldoverelastic) will look far better and take a lot less time. I cut off the seam allowance on the armhole edges - 15mm/ 5/8 inch before adding the FOE. (Folded the FOE in half along the foldline, sandwiched the Fabric with the FOE and sewed a straight stitch length 4. Butted the folded ends and slipstitched). I'm quite happy with the finish. 


It's Chinese New Year. Goodbye year of the Monkey and Celebrating the new year of the Rooster. It's big in Melbourne.  This Dress Fabric is Oriental, a Cotton Sateen with a small amount of stretch and now I can't wait to try it on!! Completing a few more seams these pattern pieces are now looking like a dress. Not a moment too soon. Finished!


I am fully expecting to make a lot of fitting adjustment for the first try on. Well that's a nice surprise...It fits perfectly! I think I'll sew the pleats on the centre front panel down and take in the  side seams 11/2 inches from the bottom of the dress and taper ( about 13 inch to get the taper right). The dress has a split on the left front of the dress for movement so my tapering of the side seams won't hinder my movement. This cotton sateen has a little bit of stretch for comfort. This Fabric has great feel, stretch, sheen & print.


I am wearing this dress at last and my critique is: 

  • Comfort 10/10
  • Drama 10/10
  • Creative 10/10

Ill give this a big √ of approval!

Onwards and upwards..to infinity and beyond!

Onwards and upwards..to infinity and beyond!

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Let the Sewing begin..

It' ll be chilly in March in  Puyallup/Seattle...But Bruce and I are so looking forward to Pacific Fabrics and SewExpo in 4 weeks time!


Look out Seattle....here we come!

Time to make a few warm clothes. 

The Weather can be anything from snowing to around 15C/60F. I can work with that.

Where do I begin? 

Choose the shoes first.. Leave the sandals at home

Next select Fabric

Thermal under dress

Layer upon layer, upon layer

Need a long sleeve base dress 

I'll be presenting! So I need clothes that can be seen beyond the front row. That means colour and drama!


I'll be bringing some exciting new sewing creations to Seattle for my Workshops!

I'll be sharing with you how to see with new eyes....to create a new chemistry between you and your sewing machine. Creating clothes you love to wear. 

Now for the Fabric quest! 

Prospecting for gold!! I know there's gold at the end of the Fabric rainbow in my Land of Oz! I'm on the Yellow Brick Road to Seattle bringing these creations with a view to helping those who want to:

  • Think in a new way about their sewing
  • Who want to gain Courage Sewing with different patterns and colours
  • To sew with a new Heart and passion.


The Workshop Sessions


Tuesday February 28 6.30pm - 8.30pm 

Pacific Fabrics Sewing Workshop:            

At the Northgate Store838 NE Northgate WAy

Seattle, WA 98125

  • The Perfect Marriage of the Right Fabric and The Right Pattern. 


SewExpo Puyallup Washington

3 different workshops with 3 different subjects under one heading -

Simple Steps to Sewing GREAT clothes .

1. Thursday 2nd March 1.30pm

  • Getting Your Sewing Mojo

2. Friday 3rd March 12.30pm

  • How to sew clothes that work for you without the stress of perfection!

3. Saturday 4th March 1.30pm

  • Sewing to create a Bold and Beautiful You!  
Photo credit Odile @couture_in_love

Photo credit Odile @couture_in_love


  • Bruce Whalley, the man behind the camera and my marketing strategist, is presenting 3 different workshops at SewExpo too:

3 different workshops with 3 different subjects under one heading

The Power of Social Media

1. Thursday 2nd March 11.30am

  • Photography

2. Friday 3rd March 4.30pm

  • Social Media Strategy

3. Saturday 4th March 11.30am

  • Small Business Marketing

I'm excited about Sewing and I want sewists to catch my excitement & feel Fabulous when wearing their "memade" creations

I will be sharing my tips that will develop a can-do approach to sewing garments that will be exciting, fun, uplifting, simple, empowering, confidence building and satisfying for the soul.  

One Workshop at Pacific Fabrics  plus Three different sessions at SewExpo to inspire you and give you an action plan to get you sewing garments that feel good on and you want to wear. Changing your Sewing direction - Fabric and Patterns in your collection waiting to be made into Wardrobe pieces that you can be proud to wear no matter what shape you are in. 


Bruce and I are looking forward to meeting you in person in Seattle. 

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Check out my mentor program click on...

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Do you remember when you bought that fabric and why you "Just had to have it!"?

We don't need to keep buying Fabric if we aren't making garments on a regular basis. You have what you need right now. That being said... you may need to make an additional Fabric purchase if another Fabric will help create the outfit! Some Fabric purchases are "orphans" and need a bit more work to make them into favorite outfits in your wardrobe. 


Some Fabric is just awesome and can be made into a statement top or jacket that brings new life to your existing Wardrobe pieces. 

Light, floaty Fabric can be made into accessories or toppers for your base pieces. These light and colourful pieces are always great to take on holiday. It's nice to have holiday photos of you in different outfits and these extra pieces prevent you from going stir crazy from wearing the same clothes every day. A change is as good as a holiday and having a few more Wardrobe options makes the holiday more enjoyable!


Why not spend time with the fabulous Fabric you already own? You have spent years collecting it and now is the time to take the next step...

Decide what to make out of it! 

But how? 

Try holding the Fabric in your hands. Measure the amount you have to help you decide what you can actually make with it! Hold it against your body and look in the mirror. Try and visualise a dress, top, jacket, skirt... Take your Fabric to meet your wardrobe. See if there is some connection with the Fabric and some of your garments. Consider and imagine.


Next step...off to your Pattern collection! Maybe make a simple garment to start you off on your sewing journey. You could make a TNT (tried and true pattern) or you could use a Pattern that you've have in your collection for a while.

Check out:


or just Google e.g. Vogue1234patternreview, to see what others have thought of the pattern and see what it looks like in real life. A bit of research is a good idea. Tip: Look at the bodies of the people who have tested the pattern. If they have an hour glass figure and you don't, then you need to look for someone who has a similar body shape to you for a more accurate assessment of the pattern.


Check your supplies. 

Cut it out. 

Sew it up. 

There ......you have begun. 


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2017 Day One

Dance like no one is watching

Sing like no one's listening

Love like you've never been hurt

Sew that wardrobe you long for

Live life with urgency...

Bruce makes the Tram journey as important as arriving at the destination

Bruce makes the Tram journey as important as arriving at the destination

We are so afraid of really living it's no wonder we really feel a loss when someone famous dies.

2016 Celebrities who died...

Pat Harrington
David Bowie
Alan Rickman
Dan Haggerty
Glen Frey
Abe Vigoda
George Gaynes
Tony Burton
George Kennedy
Nancy Reagan
Robert Horton
Joe Santos
Joe Garagiola
Ken Howard
Peter Brown
Garry Shandling
James Noble
Patty Duke
Doris Roberts
William Schallert
Morley Safer
Alan Young
Mohamed Ali
Anton Yelchin
Noel Neill
Gary Marshall
Steven Hill
Gene Wilder
Hugh O’Brian
Arnold Palmer
Robert Vaughn
Florence Henderson
Fidel Castro
Ron Glass
Van Williams
John Glenn
Alan Thicke
Bernard Fox
Zsa Zsa Gabor
George Michael
Carrie Fisher
Debbie Reynolds

...The first song we really danced to

...The first movie we really connected with

...The comedian who really made us laugh...


Our youth was filled with promise and hope

Fast forward our icons are dying... they have lived...No doubt about it.

What are we waiting for? We like them will leave this Earth. This is a fact.

Fear stops us from living

....and judgement from others!

They wouldn't like it.

Do you know why they wouldn't like it?

Because you have moved forward and now they feel like they haven't lived.

Take time out to enjoy the simple things in life too

Take time out to enjoy the simple things in life too

Crazy world

Crazy us

Forget about them

Focus instead on your journey. Say Yes to you! 

Do what you were put on this earth to do

Let others work out what they need to do


Let us get to the end of our journey knowing we did what we could with what we had in our hand. We were passionate, energetic and persistent. We gave life our all...With a few flat spots inbetween to regain our energy.

Don't put your life on hold waiting for permission to live your dreams. If you need to wait, work on something that moves you closer.



There will always be a reason or an excuse to Not do something... Always. Fight average and be the incredible person you are. Live life no matter the constraints. Love life anyway.



Then when someone famous dies we can say, "Look at what they did! They did the best with what time and gifts they were given!" They may have slipped up along the way..who hasn't? Be willing to work towards your dreams. Time is fleeting. Don't wait.

Make 2017 the year you moved forward.


Then...At the end

Well done good and faithful daughter/son..you used the resources you were given, persisted and didn't give up. Success isn't measured on arriving at the destination but your journey to the destination.

Run, don't walk in 2017, or a slow jog if you have to.


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Make 2017 the year you uncover your dreams and make yourself a W.I.P. Work in progress!

Don't wait any longer to live your life!

Watch your dreams

Be a person who flourishes!

Be a person who flourishes!

They become words

Watch your words

They become actions

Watch your actions

They become habits

Watch your habits

They become character

Watch your character

For it becomes your destiny!



We all have accidents along the way. Don't stay damaged get a repair job.

We all have accidents along the way. Don't stay damaged get a repair job.

There is nothing wrong with following other people. Be motivated by their success. Use their dreams as an aid to working out your own. People are inspiring and it's exciting to dream big. Discovering your own dream and putting wheels on at least one of your dreams, is a most exciting prospect.


There are many things I have done that I thought worthwhile and I really wanted to be successful at! Bike riding is one of these.


I learnt how to ride a bike when I was around 20.

I was not fearless or fabulous at bike riding. When my children were of bike riding age I really thought it's time to really commit and get this bike riding perfected. I am not a natural but I gave it my all. I gained confidence while my children learned. I actually could ride a real grown up bike! I got my own bike. We did some family rides as well as riding with friends and I was actually ticking this off my to do list.

One problem...

One problem...


I hated it. I was counting trees to keep me focussed.

My knuckles were white when I rode. I didn't like what should have been an enjoyable activity..

I don't bike ride anymore. I have found an alternative that works for me and I can commit to it.

Some doors are not for you!

Some doors are not for you!

Be true to yourself. Do what you love and you will love what you do.


Sewing is the way to dress exactly the way you want.

Work out the right door for you. Pick the lock if necessary.

Work out the right door for you. Pick the lock if necessary.

Find time to discover who you are, what you like and what you actually want to accomplish in your life. Try it, assess it and modify what you want to keep in your life. Eradicate what doesn't align with your values.

It's worth it to really be truthful about what really is important to you. Don't waste your time on things, Patterns or Fabrics that just don't have your monagram on them.

Get some help..Get a key cut!

Get some help..Get a key cut!


Sort your life out. Make changes that get you one step closer to your destination. Do make time for what really matters to you. Say "No" nicely to the activities that don't keep you on your journey to fulfilling your dreams. Every person deserves to have a dream come true. Time is fleeting. Putting your dreams on hold is dangerous. Doing something regularly towards your goal is important. Don't neglect you!

Do it. Life is a WIP work in progress.


It's worth persevering if you are on the right road.

It's worth persevering if you are on the right road.

Make 2017 the year you got on track to making your own dreams come true. Help others but not at the expense of your own dreams. You matter. When you continually put others first you have no energy or desire left for what is truly important to you.



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Invisible zips are meant to be Invisible....not You!!

Blending into the crowd is handy if you are on the run from the police!



What happens to our bodies:

  • Not as lithe as they used to be
  • Thickening at the waistline
  • Gravity pulling everything down to the ground
  • Eyebrows fading
  • Hair greying
  • Thinning eyebrows, eyelashes, hair
  • Skin getting Red in patches
  • Wrinkles
  • Mobility issues
  • ETC


That's reality for you! Not all of us experience all of these challenges but we all experience some form of change that pushes us away from centre stage.


We don't want to look 20 we just want to be served at a counter, listened to, included and SEEN!



There are stories that I hear every day that would curl your hair! After time, being Invisible becomes normal. Substandard customer service and allowing the able bodied to have the pavement while the invisible take the grass....oh there are so many more examples...

Don't be afraid to stand out!

Don't be afraid to stand out!

I will say that this situation is able to be changed. We are part of the problem. That's right we are!


When we accept a situation then nothing changes.


Becoming visible is achievable:

  • Colour your eyebrows with pencil
  • Dress better to be treated better
  • Don't wear your gym clothes everywhere
  • Lip pencil helps people see your mouth
  • Update your look... you have changed so update your wardrobe to flatter your changes
  • Hold your ground..stay on the pavement if you want to
  • Speak up ...say what you want with confidence
  • Fake it until it feels normal
  • Wear colour that suits you
  • Get a good haircut and/or colour your hair
  • Wear your good clothes
  • If you Sew ...make a new wardrobe out of your Stash!!

Being part of your solution is a work in progress. Clean out your wardrobe. Donate your clothes (only if they are in good condition) that you don't wear and shop at thrift stores. There are a lot of hardly worn clothes that can be in your wardrobe for a small price. Try them on have fun and only BUY what you love and look great on you.

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Is the Fabric you're buying ticking all the boxes?

There is a Fabric sale on!

There is an urgency to get to this Sale. It may be some time before another one.

The store has Sale Banners everywhere.

It's dazzling and exciting.


Tick Tock time's running out!

Tick Tock time's running out!

Looking at the sale offerings is confusing.

Usually the Fabric is all on one table and different types of Fabric are lumped together......patterned, plains, cotton, polyester, stretch, woven, various mixed colours, fabric type not specified.... It's confusing. It's meant to be confusing!

Frenzy shopping means you purchase what the Fabric Shop wants to sell and not necessarily what you should be buying.

Only purchased one Fabric!

Only purchased one Fabric!


I'm not sure about you...but looking for space in my Fabric Collection is hilarious....there is no space available! However space does get made IF the Fabric is totally fabulous.

Fabulous Fabric was purchased here! With @SewingDude Thomas Renwart in Ghent 

Fabulous Fabric was purchased here! With @SewingDude Thomas Renwart in Ghent 


A few weeks ago I was in a Fabric Store and there was a Sale on. I felt my heart missing a few beats and that darn urgency to find "Gold!"


There were quite a few bolts that were put behind the counter for me. While I was waiting in line to be served I looked at the bolts and felt detached. Great news. The Time factor shook my need to have all of these "must have" Sale items. I did purchase some of the bolts of course....I am human! I really loved the Fabric I bought. Really loved!

Oh this Fabric is still loved! With Darren @deedeenick & Wendy Ward @thatwendyward at @dittofabrics

Oh this Fabric is still loved! With Darren @deedeenick & Wendy Ward @thatwendyward at @dittofabrics

Buying Fabric is fun!!

You can't return Fabric!!

You can't return Fabric!!

Buying Fabric that really isn't fabulous is not only a waste of money, it is a "Space Taker Upper."

Spending Time making this unsuitable Fabric into toiles is also a time waster. Unsuitable Fabric doesn't give anyone a clear idea if the style of the garment will suit and it won't be worn either. A Pattern can be amazing in the correct colour, composition, print and type of fabric....even a toile!

Buy Fabric on Sale but make sure it's Great Fabric that happens to be on Sale...not just good Fabric.

Oh go on cut it! At the Fabric Store in Melbourne

Oh go on cut it! At the Fabric Store in Melbourne

The Question I ask when I'm considering buying Fabric.. "Will I Love You in the morning?"



Great Fabric ticks all your boxes not just one or two.

  Follow me on Instagram and Subscribe to my Blog & YouTube to see more adventures with Fabric Pattern & Life!!


Follow me on Instagram and Subscribe to my Blog & YouTube to see more adventures with Fabric Pattern & Life!!

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Pretty Woman...The Sewing Version

There once was a woman who sewed a lot.

She always craved a wardrobe that performed well.

Do what you Love

Do what you Love

She did not have a perfect body. Successful dieting still did not deliver a body that would fit retail.

She sewed because she could not buy clothes that fitted, let alone express who she was. Hours were wasted browsing in shops and trying on clothes, that just looked wrong on her. This frustration developed into a passion for sewing.

Still Fabric shopping!

Still Fabric shopping!

She desired a look that was truly her own.

She wanted to walk into a room of people and meet people and not feel inappropriately dressed.

She wanted choices, lots of choices, to run counter to the fact that there were no choices for her in the retail arena.

She loved texture, Quirky Creative details & Fabric that had, a Personality of it's own.



The quest was on. Vogue Patterns were the start of the journey. Fabric stores a refuge and a plethora of inspiration. Lunch was often forgotten. Fabric fed this girl. Money saved on skipped lunches also paid for the beginning of her Fabric & Pattern collection.



Many Patterns were purchased and garments created....research for the perfect marriage of Pattern and Fabric, that felt comfortable and looked great.


She went through a clothing conformity season to protect her children from school yard bullying. After that season she made the clothes she loved and actually started wearing them!


When Julia Roberts was wearing clothes that conformed to the work she did, she was treated poorly. She had a makeover. She wore clothes that suited her and she truly felt comfortable. Her style ingredients were nailed! She blossomed. She did have help. She was no longer the same. She got used to being treated better. She had a better life.

The Before and After Story

The Before and After Story

This story is a true story. It didn't happen to a friend of a friend of mine. It happened to me.

This is My Story!

This is My Story!

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The Marriage of Fabric & Patterns. It's a relationship journey!


Sometimes before finding the partner for life there is a bit of copious dating. Not all dates work out.

Not all the memade garments that we have sewn are suitable to stay in the wardrobe long term.

It's worth making new styles and different types of Patterns. Sometimes it just works and the gamble pays off...and sometimes it doesn't. That's what makes sewing exciting. The highs and lows.


It's worth getting some marriage pre-counselling before you walk down the aisle. My husband to be wanted 3 kids. I didn't think I wanted any at all! I don't think I knew this until I was asked. He married me anyway. I asked for 5 years to consider, and we had 2 kids after this time. I like and love my kids too!


What are your expectations of life together?

So you have decided to Sew up a Pattern.

Fitted + Cut + Sewn = The marriage 

Is this a match made in heaven?

Wear it for a day and find out.

Does this garment cheer you on?

Is it a quiet garment that supports you?

Do you feel incredible in it?

Is this relationship meant to last?

Only you will know when you wear it and see if it works in your lifestyle.

Enjoy Mozart's -The Marriage of Figaro with me! Music to Sew by

Enjoy Mozart's -The Marriage of Figaro with me!

Music to Sew by


W.I.P....never quite made it to the altar - may as well finish it, then you will know!

Just didn't work..parted ways 

No friends to go with a solo garment? ...does it get worn? Make it work harder..see what needs to be made, to make it earn it's position in your wardrobe!


Assessment criteria:

  • Do you look great in it?
  • Feel great?
  • Does it Express who you are? 


Don't wear it too much!

Overdosing in relationships kill the relationship....give them a chance to mingle with the other garments in your wardrobe during the week. Too much of a good thing ruins that fabulous feeling!


  • Mix up how you wear it
  • Enjoying wearing your other garments too

Keep the relationship fresh. Keep sewing. You are on the road to success..... and will be able to celebrate an anniversary in the future!



And that's what it's all about! 

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Sewing Patterns- Love at First Sight

Looking through a Sewing Pattern catalogue is inspiring! The New Season is upon us and Winter or Summer is fading into the background. We are thrilled to see the New Season releases. 


There are reasons we are attracted to the patterns we choose to buy.

Some are:

  • The fabric used to promote the garment
  • The tailoring details
  • The draping Style
  • The designer
  • The lines of the garment
  • The colour the model is wearing
  • The model! We want to look like her
  • Simple with few Pattern pieces
  • Complicated and many pattern pieces
  • Lifestyle needs
  • Dart placement
  • Decade Pattern was produced
  • Comfort  
  • Stretch or woven Fabric  
  • Fashion trend 
  • How much fabric the pattern needs
  • Body shape
  • Body proportion
  • Sewing skill level
  • Your sewing friends have made it

Pattern Catalogues are like dating sites!

We look at the photo, we read the facts, we choose based on what is important to us.

We purchase....we date....

the connection is made.


We take it home and hope for the best. 

We might be a bit too nervous to take it out of the packet, so it sits in the pattern collection waiting. It is not alone. There are many patterns here waiting. Hope is still alive.


We have purchased a Hope!

  • Hope it works on my Body
  • Hope I find the same fabric so I can have exactly the same garment
  • Hope it fits
  • Hope I can look exactly the same as the model
  • Hope I look like I'm in fashion
  • Hope I feel fabulous in it
  • Hope this garment will give me wardrobe options
  • Hope I have the same success my sewing friend had

There is a lot of pressure on this sewist/pattern relationship. It's make or break. 

Looking at the reasons behind our choices helps us make better choices.

Sometimes it's best NOT to make the Patterns in your collection. They could be time and fabric wasters. 


If you date a dangerous guy because you want excitement, then you may get more excitement than you bargained for! Good thing patterns are addictive and not dangerous!

Look at your WHY! 

Save yourself from wasting your precious time and fabric.

If you need help, I am here. info@annewhalley.com 


12 Month Mentoring and Coaching in the Anne Whalley - "Next Level Up Sewing with StyleProgram"
This includes:
•Initial Analysis of your Style
•4 Seasons of Sewing Coaching & Mentoring
•Advice with selecting your best patterns & fabric.
Get ready to get excited about what comes off your sewing table.
My program is designed to take you from the "as is" On and Up to the Next Level.

This program is personally tailored to you. It is fun, challenging and rewarding for every level of sewist.

12 month membership $375- AUD 

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