At the beginning of every season I look through my fabric and patterns to select what I hope to make before the season ends

I find myself in a race against time, when I want to make complicated patterns and wear them before the season ends!

What happens after a season ends is Pattern Piece Chaos. As much as I would like to say I put every pattern piece away after sewing a garment ... I don't!

Reality isn't pretty. Today I feel I am catching up on my box of orphan pattern pieces. I got quite a bit done last night and now I'm feeling  much better.

I decided this searching and sorting job needed to be done because it was keeping me from making repeats of some favourite patterns. The joy of finishing the jigsaw by putting the correct pattern pieces in the correct pattern envelope is indescribable!

To assist me in the sorting process I have a few tricks, that work for me at least. I am a visual person so I like to see a picture of the pattern envelope to help me find it in my collection.

I have most of my patterns stored in fruit boxes that are shallow and the size of a suitcase. I keep the various pattern companies separate from each other, all in numerical order & reuse boxes from my local fruit market. I like this system at the moment, as I can move the boxes easily if I choose to change the room around.

Not all of my patterns are in these boxes though! I have a pile of patterns that have been pulled out of my "library" and put in a big pile of "hope to make this season." To help me find these pattern envelopes a bit quicker from my assorted pattern pile I have made a visual list!

I take screen shots on my phone of the patterns (I Google the pattern number from the pattern pieces) and keep the visual list on my phone. I'm using the Evernote App for this. Sorting the pattern pile (more like a mountain) into categories of: pants, tops, coats, shirts, dresses etc helps me locate "that pattern envelope" faster.

Well I'm halfway through and I better keep at it or it could be quite some time before I feel like doing this chore again. I think I will try harder to find all the pattern pieces after I finish sewing from now on! Homeless Pattern pieces slow down the sewing output and create frustration that I don't want to experience again. Somehow I know I will always have this issue but I hope to have it more under control in future!

How do you deal with your homeless pattern pieces?

Do you save them up and get them sorted all at once or do you find a home for each pattern piece as soon as you get one? Am I the only one who waits too long?

What part of the sewing journey are you on?

Is this your mantra:

I want to find patterns that suit me and I will love wearing!

Finding your TNT Tried and tested patterns

The face you make when you put your memade creation and you love it. You wear it and you feel great in it.

Take a bow this is what it's all about!

That feeling is the holy grail. It's  worth all the hours sewing and the previous disappointments

Time to slide down Mount Disappointment and start the  Memade Wardrobe Journey to Wardrobe heaven

A word of caution here. Don't make this TNT Tried and tested pattern too much. You will end up being in a uniform and that is not what it's all about!