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Your Fabric & Patterns are The Sewing Ammunition for your "Second Act" Attack on 2019"

Clothes are emotional and it can be contagious


When you feel good in your clothes you glow and others catch your vibe

If you feel uninspired in your clothes then the ho hum will spread too

Dress for the day you expect or want to have

Best foot forward to start

Up the ante

Use your Fabric .... It is your secret weapon!


Create a holiday style wardrobe if you want more fun in your life

Sharpen up your clothes if you want to be taken more seriously in your workplace

Think about what you put on your body

Your outfit makes you an open book

What's the title of the book you are wearing today?

Sending Mixed messages due to incorrect clothing choices won't convey the message you intend to send. You will end up working harder to convince your audience.


Extreme example:

Imagine wearing bright, fun and colourful clothes to an interview at a funeral parlor. Not respectful or appropriate. These clothes would be more appropriate for a job that is more creative and interactive... like a kindergarten teacher, creative arts teacher, artist ...

Would the applicant who wears: a clean charcoal/navy suit with a white shirt pressed and well fitting, minimum jewelry, elegant, polished shoes, neat hair, a classy all over look ... get the funeral parlor job?

Preparing for an interview by visiting the workplace or looking at the business website, will give you clues as to what you need to wear to the interview and what your work wardrobe needs to be, if you get the job. If you look like you'll fit in, you'll have a better chance getting the job.  I can't wait to see this movie!

So it is, when you choose your outfits for each day.

Clean Clothes, pressed & appropriate means you look like the right piece to fit into the jigsaw puzzle you want to be part of.

Do the best you can with what you have to help you achieve your life dreams.

Tweak your look and go for it!

Sew it's up to you ...

How far are you willing to go to achieve what you want?

Depending on your personality and Style Ingredients, you can sew to achieve what you want to change in your life.

Let's face it. We all have the Fabric and the Patterns!


Imagine changing your life by sewing ...

It is possible.

Plan your wardrobe

Start by writing 3 headings:

  1. What are you happy with in your life?
  2. What do you want to ditch forever?
  3. What do you want to achieve in 2019?

Dream and consider ...

Put your legs on your dream and run to the goal. Use the Fabric and Patterns as ammunition to make the changes you want in your life.

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Sew the garments that Stick to your Style Roots to show "Who You think You are!"

I remember being in awe of the Spice Girls

I loved their passion, music and vibrance.

I loved their Style.

They were brilliant & unforgettable!

They wore different clothes but Stuck to their Style Recipes .... their Signature Looks.

Wearing memade Vogue 1348 dress that represents me to "Derby Day" .. strictly a black and white affair   

Wearing memade Vogue 1348 dress that represents me to "Derby Day" .. strictly a black and white affair


You knew exactly who they were just by looking at them.

Photo from The Telegraph  Geri Halliwell "Ginger Spice"  Melanie Chisholm "Sporty Spice"  Melanie Brown "Scary Spice"  Emma Bunton "Baby Spice"  Victoria Beckham (Adams) " Posh Spice"

Photo from The Telegraph

Geri Halliwell "Ginger Spice"

Melanie Chisholm "Sporty Spice"

Melanie Brown "Scary Spice"

Emma Bunton "Baby Spice"

Victoria Beckham (Adams) " Posh Spice"

Sewists have all they need at their fingertips to create a wardrobe that Spells out their Name in Capital Letters. A collection of Fabric and Patterns that have lovingly been collected and waiting to be created into wearable garments, that are a pleasure to wear in the colours and style that call out our names.

Vogue 8763

Vogue 8763

Which Spice Girl do you identify with?

There are different elements to each of their Style Recipes. Copying someone else's style recipe is a way to show your admiration. Being inspired by someone else's style and creating your own version is following your own recipe.

Vogue 9305

Vogue 9305

When you wear Your Signature Outfits you have your "introduction to society." People will be able to see your personality ingredients at first glance. This may attract or repel them. Remember not everyone likes Lemon Tarts!

You have your own likes and dislikes for a reason.

You are unique.

You have the freedom to dress to represent yourself.

You have the Fabric and the Patterns.


So ....

Make it

Wear it

Love it

Be who you think you are!

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Selfish Sewing is Anything BUT Selfish!

This blog post will change your life!


Big claim I know! 

"Sew" let's go through a few  senarios:

Let's look at living a life that gives you the ability to happily sew for others.

It's hard to be a happy sewist when we are always meeting everyone else's needs. If you are good at doing this, then you end up getting asked to do more.

A sad but true fact.

This means you get less time to do for you.

If you are getting paid a fair wage to sew (if there is such a thing), if you have plenty of choices in your wardrobe already and if you don't have a Fabric & Pattern Stash that is bursting at the seams, then you can happily help others!


How do you start sewing for the glorious You that you now are? ...

  • if you are shortish
  • no longer a size 8 (I think I was last size 8 when I was a baby 😂)
  • Wearing the same 3 items every ...
  • Want to feel better about yourself


  • Kaftan, Cape, Kimonos

  • Cocoon shaped dresses eg Adeline dress 


  • Asymmetrical dresses eg Drop Dress 
  • Tunics eg Vogue 1550
  1. Test some patterns out
  2. Look at
  3. Look at Instagram for inspiration
  4. Touch your Fabric  
  5. Look at your Patterns

Prioritise your list. Break free from the chains of "Ticking items off everyone else's list."

The more you do the more they want.


When you have your wardrobe sorted, you can do for others with more love and joy.

Imagine a few new pieces in your wardrobe, made by you, for you. Goodness me I think we all like that feeling.

The only thing that's stopping you, is YOU!

If you were on an airplane and there was an emergency you are advised to administer oxygen to yourself first so that you can safely and happily look to help others.

For the sake of your own joyful self, health and creative well being .....


You have the Fabric and Patterns.

Life can side-track us. Focus on "My List."

Take that oxygen first  & be a happier you.

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Sewing Workout: How to pace yourself for Your Personal Best


If you haven't been to the gym for a while and you want to lift weights, you don't put Arnie Schwarzenegger weight plates on the barbell to start off with. I used to lift weights and I know from experience that when I went too high with my  weight selection, I walked like Frankenstein for a good week. Also it's  wise to build up slowly for the sake of our precious backs.

We all want to enjoy our sewing time and have a successful garment to wear after we finish sewing it. Building up to the more intricate Patterns and trickier Fabric is better than being over ambitious on day 1.

Technique is important. When you start sewing it is worth getting confident in a few basic techniques:

  • Sewing in a straight line
  • Invisible zip application
  • Fitting your body
  • Buttonholes
  • Overlocking
  • Fabric choosing
  • Reading pattern instructions



Building on a good foundation gives you a better chance for your garments to fit you and look fabulous. These techniques are like muscles. As you develop your muscles you can then attempt heavier weights safely. When we wear our garments we want to feel confident and enjoy the fruit of our labour ... and receive compliments too!


First time using Foldover elastic on a V neck. The Scuba Fabric made it a bit easier!

Staying on the same weights, once you have built up your muscle strength, can also be a hindrance to your gym experience... likewise with your sewing experience. Imagine going to the gym every day, doing the same exercise at the same level and not continuing to build up your strength and stamina. Life is meant to be continuous improvement so that we stay interested in life. Playing it too safe and avoiding growth causes stagnation. Stepping out and trying new things keeps us young and interesting. Courage is doing new things even while feeling fear! Making the same TNT tried and true patterns with the same type of Fabric, can lead to boredom with your wardrobe choices and in the sewing room.


So to achieve your Personal Best:

  • Start with the basics and practice to become proficient
  • Practise your sewing techniques on your scraps of fabric scraps before the actual garment
  • Watch YouTube/sewing blogs/take classes
  • Tip toe into adventure by trying new styles and different fabric that you "Do Love"
  • Do it afraid
  • Seek help if you need it
  • Sew it up
  • Make sure you wear it

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How to stop buying fabric you don't love and sewing clothes you don't enjoy wearing

The Answer: Finding Your Style Ingredients.

If you aren't excited when you see the Fabric for the first time, you most likely will never be excited about that Fabric purchase...


It's like going out on a blind date... You either connect or you don't. If you connect it's easier to spend time with someone.... Time flies when you're having fun.

If you don't connect ... it's like watching grass grow. It's awkward and time is noticably slower.


When you're looking through your Fabric and are in the moment, notice how you feel when you are with your Fabric. It should be fun spending time with your Fabric... not a guilt trip. Finding a pattern to suit a fabric you don't love is difficult too.

Spending too much money on Fabric is unwise. The investment stymies creativity because you can't afford to stuff it up!

Find your own Style Ingredients and start from that point. Sewing and wearing your creations, that have your  Fingerprint, is truly a wonderful experience.


Love at first sight.

Connection to the Fabric



If you're interested in the Fabric you'll be eager to sew it up, but spend too much money on the Fabric and you may never have the guts to sew it up.

Too much pressure causes indecision.

No point just having the Fabric.

'He who dies with the most Fabric Wins"

Wins what? I think it's heartbreaking to think the Fabric missed out on being the fulfilment of a dream!


Don't rush into a fabric purchase. If you have "fabric purchase hesitation." Listen to your gut instinct and resist buying the fabric.

However ... Buy that Fabric if: 

  • It has your name written all over it
  • It's a good price
  • It may sell out
  • You just know you are destined for each other


Don't start a relationship with the wrong Fabric or the wrong man for that matter! 

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Sewing seams that create armour, provide protection and help us thrive in life

Sewing your garments is more than buying fabric and pattern construction, couture, tailoring ...
Its more like entering a maze ...The attraction of perfection can lead us down frustrating blind alleys.  Tailored fitting and replication of designer wear has it's place but it's not for everyone nor for every occasion. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will love every garment you make matter how long you spend perfecting fit or how much money you invest in a piece of fabric. The disappointment is real and no one is immune to this depressing result. If it's not you, it's not you! A Successful "memade" garment is when you see a certain expression on your face in your reflection ... a glint in your eye & a sassy smile. This is the you you've been looking for! I believe knowing your style ingredients is such a powerful tool and following your own truth results in more outfits that capture your true essence and dare I say it ... "complete you."



Theraputic adult coloring books so popular now & are hard to miss in book stores. I've was given one! Grown up colouring books! How many of us have received these as "creative gifts?" Getting involved in creative activities is good for us ... really good.


Colouring inside the lines shows colouring ability and visually rewarding too. It's a start. But what do you do with them after? Frame them? Hang them? Take them shopping to show friends? Rubbish bin? Trash can? Long term storage? Gift it? Nominate in your last will and testament? A Fabric Store Voucher is always welcome!


Shopping for fabric and purchasing "only" the fabric you can't live without, is just the start of the creative journey, not the end. Piling up fabulous fabric in storage containers really won't take you to the next level of your creativity. Your fabric will wait for you though. Hopefully the love you had for your fabric purchase will end up in an outfit you will love to wear.


Wardrobe needs. I feel different every day. Some days I am whimsical other days I'm Wonder Woman - wondering how much I can squeeze into my day! When I'm whimsical I wear my creative, comfortable clothes so I can meander through the day. Meandering through fabric stores, listening to my clients, imagining new pattern/ fabric combinations. I call these memades "all ears!"  My Wonder Woman days mean shoes that can hack the pace and clothes that have bounce and energy. It's amazing how what I put on each day actually assists the delivery of my daily "to dos."


Breaking free from "rules" and resisting the need to tick other people's "want boxes," actually frees up the precious time we need to be creative and actually sew up the fabric we love. Connecting the pieces of your style personality, your body shape, your best colours and your Wardrobe needs, have to be taken into account. Looking at who you really are, planning and finally putting your plans into action, delivers a much loved Wardrobe ... a lot more satisfying than a completed colouring book. So put the colouring book away and head into your fabric collection and get creative there. Look, touch, feel ... imagine .. and look at your patterns ... This is where you should be.


Find the time you need for you. Consider the fabric and patterns you have already. Why not set aside time to revisit your creative side. Say no to others so you can start saying yes to yourself. If you need help I'm here. I love to help Sewists decifer their Style Ingredients, choose patterns & fabric that flatter them and wear the colours that will enhance their complexion. The cutting and sewing happens next and then the icing on the cake ... wearing their memade outfits with a spring in their step! Email to tell me what you need and we can work together to give you a wardrobe you will love wearing.



The whole purpose of being creative for a Sewist is to make clothes we want to wear. Let's not get lost in the creative Maze and forget what we really want ... our purchased fabric to become clothes we love to wear .... every day!

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If your Fabric is outta sight ... It's outta your mind too

I am a long time Sewist with a rather large fabric collection & there is always a tension between how I can see my fabric and keep it organized! I really want to sew up the fabric I have purchased ... I don't want anyone else to sew it up.

Stored fabric needs to be seen.


Looking and imagining what your fabric will be is a step closer to getting that fabric on your back.


There is a system using 5 x 3 inch index cards .. and  I think it could be something that could work for fabric and pattern listing. If each Fabric were on separate 5 x 3 inch cards with: 

• fabric swatch stapled

• fabric blend / composition

• fabric weave (ponte, 2 way stretch)

• yardage/meterage

• pattern number/s you are considering

• what it will go with in your wardrobe

• when you want to wear it (season)

• where you will wear it work/coffee shop/ gym/special occasion/ home/school ...

• How much the fabric cost

• The date of purchase

• What you need to purchase: zips, Cotton's, buttons etc

• The name of the fabric shop

• Date of completion  


This card is now DONE and can be photographed and kept together with the other completed cards. The card can be stored in the pattern envelope and if you use this pattern again the information card can then have your new information added and returned to the active cards or start a new card 

• A mark out of 10 re how you feel & look in the garment

• What changes you made to the pattern

• What you wear with it: accessories, other garments  

• Would you make it again


The beauty of this system is that the card only has information for the one fabric. The cards can be shuffled, which allows for the order of priority of what needs to be sewn first. If you decide that you no longer want to sew a project urgently you can easily change the order. Keeping some cards in your handbag means you have the list of on you and a fabric swatch to help you purchase all that you need.


Try it & see if it is something that will help you take your sewing hopes from dreams  to completion. 

As you proceed, assess if the sewing project is worth your time. Are there any elements that still attract you? Is the relationship you had with the fabric and pattern still exciting?? If not maybe you should let it go and get on to a sewing project that will excite you and this is important. ... then the garment WILL make a difference in your wardrobe (life)!


Working out what you want to make first is another dilemma.

Ordinary clothes are necessary base pieces for your wardrobe. They make your hero pieces shine.

This is the start. The foundation ...

An un-iced cake so to speak

The icing is sweet and decorations are where your personality comes out.

So at the very least sewing some base pieces will be a strong start and then the hero piece will complete your outfit.


What system works for you? 

I think getting a system that helps us sew, is worthy of a try!  It certainly works for me. I have the cards in my purse with the swatches attached to help me get the right coloured notions as well as the size of the zip, number of buttons, hooks and eyes, elastic etc..


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