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When Sewing is Sidetracked ... What happens when fabric is left its' own devices

The biggest sidetrack to sewing is Life!

Family, work, kids, friends, sleeping, sickness, shopping ... Yadda yadda yadda ... sometimes it's a wonder anyone gets any sewing done at all.


Once life gets it's teeth into your sewing time it's hard to say when your foot will hit the foot control pedal again!


What really happens when you are unable to sew:

  • Fabric shopping (I know!)
  • Fabric stash growth
  • Storage problems
  • Guilt  
  • Being Overwhelmed with Fabric
  • Invasion of RTW (ready to wear) garments
  • loss of sewing Mojo
  • More Fabric shopping
  • Bigger storage issues
  • Fabric purchases that aren't quite right

We can't stop being interested in Fabric even if we aren't sewing it into garments. If Fabric is in your blood it's there to stay. 


It's how life goes.  

When you finally get the time to sew it's hard to know what project to start with. By now there is way too much Fabric and making Pattern choices is stymied by confusion. No decision no sewing.

It's like weeds in the garden. It's green and lush but you can't see the lovely flowers anymore. The weeds take over and hide the really beautiful flowers. The weeds need to be eradicated carefully, so that the beautiful plants can be seen and admired once more (I am guilty of pulling flowers instead of weeds out so I am banned from weeding in the garden)


So now you have the time to sew and but there is a lot of Fabric and Pattern sorting to do before you can get to the sewing machine. Sorting Fabric & Patterns doesn't fill your wardrobe with memade garments .... but sorting and making a plan will save you time and disappointment in the long run. There is no use making garments with Patterns and in Fabric that don't excite you in the first place.


So don't leave your Fabric and patterns in a dark cupboard unattended for too long, otherwise it will multiply and become ugly!

Discover the fabric pieces that make your heart skip a beat and pair with the patterns you just love. Start slowly though, you may be a bit Rusty. Gain confidence ... the more you sew the more confident you will be. 

Keep the Fabric and those Patterns that you love, close to you, to give you the inspiration you need, to get you creating again.

Don't the Gremlins take over your stash.


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Sewing is a Roller coaster ride!

Buying your Sewing Ticket =

Patterns and Fabric + + ....

Get ready for the ride of your life!

Get in the seat = You start thinking about your designer creation made for you by you

You start moving = Feel the tension and apprehension as you cut into the Fabric for the first time ... all the while hoping you will wear it and it will be all that it promises


Look around = take in the view ... Thinking of  where you can wear your new creation ... The accessories the functions or the every day versatility of your yet to be made garment

Look around the carriage. Some have their eyes closed, some look as if they have got it all together, others not so

Remember you are not alone. You will surely survive!


As the ride progresses ... You start sewing a few seams, try it on ... no doubt there will be issues ...

  • Why didn't I make a toile first
  • What was I thinking
  • Can I save it
  • Can I make it fit and look good
  • Will I be comfortable in it

So the fast down hill journey begins ...

it's dark tunnel time ... it's so steep the seatbelt doesn't feel like it will keep you in the carriage. It's dark ...


It's scary ... why on Earth am I doing this, I could just go and buy what I need.... Errr no I can't that's why I'm sewing in the first place ...

Press those seams, keep the stitching on long stitch ... it's easier to unpick... Keep going ... you've been in this place before

Stop or continue that is the question!


If it's past midnight go to bed. Even Cinderella had a curfew

Look at it in the morning. A good sleep may sort out the issues. Give your brain time think. Get help from YouTube /pattern review... Sometimes it's the pattern and not you


Have another go

Try it on with the right accessories

Put on some nice shoes

Do your hair

Add make up to the equation

Take a photo of you in the outfit

Test it out by going out in it if possible incognito

How did feel

If it isn't what you expected can you refashion it into another garment?


It might just be a new favourite


Get your ticket for the next ride anyway. It's the ride of a lifetime and it's addictive too.

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Sewing Patterns: Hallelujah vs The Lucky Dip

Imagine dressing in "memade" clothes that make us feel good all day. I don't think that's too much to ask. I love no nonsense Garments that are effortless to wear. It's not asking for much to want garments to do what they are paid to do:

  • flatter
  • provide comfort and support our bodies in our day

..... That's what clothes are for after all.


Certain types of Patterns attract me. I trust them to work for me. A garment that makes sense in my wardrobe. I will try other patterns after some consideration of the pattern line drawings. The quest for a fabulous pattern and fabric combination never ever ends!

Those pattern envelopes are full of promises:

  • I'll fit you
  • You'll look like the model
  • Your Fabric will be safe in this Style
  • The instructions will be easy to understand (Vogue Patterns at least prepares you for the complicated patterns by telling you on the back of the pattern envelope) 
  • You will love sewing this pattern
  • This pattern will be your new go-to
  • You need this garment 
  • It will earn its keep

A girl's got to wear what she feels good in!


Yes we all have different body types and to add to the complexity we have a mixture of other factors to consider as well.

My mixture includes:

  • short waisted/no waist
  • short arms
  • umm short 5'5" 164-5 cms
  • swayback
  • shortish neck
  • and then there's my .... stomach!

My weight fluctuates, not by a lot but enough. A fitted dress I spent months making would slowly find it's way to the back of my wardrobe. It's not that I don't like fitted garments ... it's just I don't enjoy putting on a garment that I want to wear and then find it just doesn't fit "at the moment." I'm not saying we shouldn't keep an eye on our weight, I just don't want to be obsessed by it .... and I want to feel confident and comfortable every single day.

I don't need my day to start with: 

  • feeling fat
  • being too aware of food because then I'm always wanting food
  • feeling flat
  • guilt
  • wasting time finding another outfit

What's your pattern choosing strategy?

Do you play it safe or gamble?

Or a bit of both?

Some of My Hallelujah Patterns are:

The Drop Dress otherwise known as "Man I Feel Like a Woman Dress"


Bhttps://youtu.be/DDkCe2cUHAAurda 6988

 Hold me snug not tight base dresses:  


Vogue 8904




 Pull on pants with a bit of a flare!


Statutory Declaration Jackets that make the right Statements:

    The Grab and Go Dress  


The Grab and Go Dress 


Sewing every Pattern that provides all that it should does not stop a Sewist from stepping into the danger zone ... Sewing styles that demand commitment and bravery. It's an exciting expedition that has no guarantee of success. Money, Precious Time, Good Fabric are all put on the line. Sewing on the edge of your seat are path of the course. Sew it and see ... You only live once after all.


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How to pick the winning garments to sew for your wardrobe

Imagine you're the captain and you're choosing your team....

There are all the hopefuls ... all lined up ...

Pick Me! Pick Me!


Think of how you would choose your winning team:

  • Fastest runner - get the ball to the goalpost ... Fastest make
  • Good looking.. if you need to market yourself looks are important ... Take a photo and see what others see
  • Muscle = energy... Is your fabric up to the job? ... Fabric with body means it will be able to withstand the pressure. Great Fabric looks better than good
  • Appearances matter. If the player looks like he knows what to do, he probably does. Look for Patterns that exude a classy look
  • Confidence if you want to look a certain way choose Patterns that assist this quest. Have a good look at the lines and research Google to see how this garment looks on people who are of a similar body shape to you
  • Is the player energetic & can the Fabric "Move like Jagger?" Is your Fabric able to handle your movement and action



Pick Me! Pick Me! Is the fabric really calling your name or is it calling someone else's name?


How to identify the Fabric that does call your name:

  • You touch it and you linger
  • If you think that could come in handy some day ... or you "Get it just in case"... Beware don't waste your money, storage or time ...Just don't get it! This Fabric isn't for you

Ok so if you discover some of these Fabrics in your stash then don't feel bad. All is not lost. You can recognize the feeling and the Fabric you don't want. Hopefully you won't repeat this type of fabric purchase again. Learning does cost time and money but what you have learnt is invaluable.


Move the Fabric on and feel the lightness instead of heaviness of heart.

Moving it on is a good activity to do, as it frees up your creativity and may even get you back in the saddle ... sewing some great wardrobe pieces you will love to actually wear.

Your team could make it to the Grand final!

themusic.com.au photo

themusic.com.au photo

When you take your best team out onto the field.... the crowd Will cheer. 

Need a Coach?

Click on "Mentor" link below to find out how I can help you


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